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1 Person Dead After Truck Accident Near Mecklenburg Gaston County Line

Speeding Semi TruckA tractor trailer truck accident on I85 close to the Gaston county line has left one person dead and another person injured. North Carolina Highway Patrol closed all southbound lanes of I85 near the exit for Sam Wilson Road for several hours in order to investigate and to clear the wreck.

Larry James Grier was killed early this morning when the Budget Rental truck he was driving crashed into the rear of a disabled tractor trailer truck. The other truck driver was transported to Carolinas Medical Center.

According to witnesses, the front end of Grier’s truck crashed squarely into the rear of the other truck. WSOC-TV reports that the driver of the disabled tractor trailer truck did place warning cones behind the truck. Troopers believe that Grier did not see the tractor trailer truck, which was actually in a travel lane, and not on the shoulder. Budget Rental does not require that renters of its moving truck possess a commercial drivers’ license, and anyone with a valid drivers’ license, regardless of experience, can rent a 24 foot moving truck.

Under North Carolina law, all motorists are required to operate their vehicle in a manner that is reasonable for the conditions existing on the roadway, as well as to leave sufficient space between vehicles. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests leaving 1 car length for every 10mph the vehicle is traveling. It is very sad that Mr. Grier lost his life in this accident. Hopefully, the investigation by Highway Patrol will offer some clues as to why he did not see the disabled truck.

Our North Carolina truck accident lawyers realize that when a traffic accident involves a large vehicle such as a tractor trailer, it could result in serious injury or death. If you or a family member has been hurt in a truck accident in North Carolina, Auger & Auger will provide a free consultation.

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