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48 Drivers Charged at Checkpoint

One of the most common causes for personal injury cases is a drunken driver. Thousands of DUI accidents happen across the nation every day, and many of them end up with injury and death. The police are doing as well as they can to stop DUI from happening, but they can’t watch everyone.

As the holiday season approaches, more people are taking the chance of driving under the influence of alcohol. Last Saturday, Charlotte police decided to set up a sobriety checkpoint to see how many people they could catch being intoxicated. By the time they were done, 21 people were charged with drunk driving, eight were driving without a license, and 14 others were charged with other traffic violations. That’s 21 potentially fatal accidents just waiting to happen.

It doesn’t take much alcohol to cause someone to become too drunk to drive. In fact, the legal standard of 0.08 BAC is one that may not cause much effect in the mind of a tolerant drunk. Frequently people feel like they are “safe to drive” at that level, even though their reaction times, judgment, and bodily control are starting to waver. If you go out drinking, please use a designated driver or wait until you are absolutely sober before leaving the bar. Getting a DUI charge is no joke, but killing or injuring someone on the road is far worse.

When drunk drivers injure or kill someone, they can open themselves up to wrongful death and personal injury suits. The attorneys at Auger & Auger are ready to help families that have been the victim of drunk driving. If you have been injured, contact our offices.

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