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Don’t Run Off the Road!

off road car crash with an objectWhen a person is involved in a single-vehicle crash, they are often categorized as run-off-road (ROR) crashes. An ROR is said to have occurred when a vehicle travels off the road and onto the median, shoulder, a parking lane or other area not considered to be the roadway, and hits an object or pedestrian.

Serious injuries may occur as the result of an ROR. Statistics show that these accidents have a higher fatality rate than those involving two or more vehicles. Here are ways that you can reduce your risk of being involved in an ROR.

1. Avoid curvy roads. This is especially true if it is a road you are unfamiliar with or you are driving at night. Likewise, drivers may want to avoid rural, isolated routes.

2. Avoid winter storms. It should come as no surprise that RORs occur frequently in the winter months. Snow-covered and icy roads prevent hazards that dry roads don’t. Experts suggest staying off the road during a snow storm and for the first day following the storm.

3. Avoid speeding. When you see a posted speed limit, it means that it is the safe speed of travel for that stretch of roadway. Don’t speed to get where you are going.

4. Don’t drink and drive. During a 16 year time period, 2001 through 2007, just over 85 percent of people who had a blood alcohol concentration of .01 or higher were involved in ROR crashes. This is compared to just over 58 percent of sober drivers involved in these crashes during the same period of time.

5. Avoid driving while drowsy. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. Don’t drive if you haven’t had enough sleep. It’s understandable that you will have to drive when you’re tired from time to time, but do what you can to keep yourself alert. Drink coffee, put the window down and play some upbeat music.

6. Avoid distracted driving. Distracted driving occurs when you are doing anything inside your vehicle that takes your concentration off of the road. Eating, drinking, applying makeup, fixing your hair and even talking to your passengers can all take away from your focus and increase your risk of having an accident.

If you find yourself leaving the roadway, one of the worst things you can do is overcorrect. Instead, let off of the accelerator and slow down naturally. As you slow, gently steer yourself back onto the road if it is safe to do so. Be sure to look for other vehicles on the road before you pull off of the shoulder.

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