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Maintaining Your Boat for Safety

September 23rd, 2015

ship propellerNo matter the size of your boat or how much you paid for it, keeping it properly maintained is one of the first keys to safety. Not only will maintenance keep your boat in working order, but routine maintenance will alert you to issues that need prompt attention.

Routine maintenance is fairly simple. While some repairs will obviously require the expertise of a marine mechanic, there is plenty that you can do on your own. With a little elbow … Read more

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Make Your Staycation a Safe One

September 14th, 2015

man standing in robeNo one can deny that vacations are a great way to bond with the family and remove a bit of stress from your life. What happens when the kids go back to school and you aren’t ready for summer to end? A staycation! Staying home with the family can be just as fun as getting away, provided you do things right. An injury to a family member or guest can quickly ruin a good time. Follow these tips to … Read more

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A Quick Bicycle Helmet Refresher

September 2nd, 2015

bicycle rider need of helmetYou know that your child is required to wear a helmet while riding their bicycle. You may even wear a helmet yourself when you are out on your two wheels. Knowing what you should be doing, and even doing it, does not mean that it is being done correctly. Brush up on your knowledge with the following helmet how-to.

Proper Fit

Never go to the store and buy the first helmet that you see. Even if your little one is … Read more

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Constructing the Perfect Portable First Aid Kit

August 31st, 2015

first aid kitDo you have a first aid kit in your home? What about in the car or on your boat? For many people, a few boxes of adhesive bandages tossed in the cupboard account for the entirety of their “kit.” If you want to be safe, no matter where you go, a portable first aid kit is one of the easiest things to put together. Instead of making several separate kits, you can make one and take it with you on … Read more

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Tips for Safe Boating After Dark

July 10th, 2015

Recreational boatingJuly is here and so are warm summer nights. As the evening weather has taken a turn for the better, so has the traffic on North Carolina’s lakes. If you plan on fishing at night, or even just taking part in some recreational boating, there are some things to keep in mind.

Operating your boat at dusk and in the dark is different than moving it along the water when the sun is shining. It can be more difficult to … Read more

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Sharing the Road with Golf Carts

June 26th, 2015

Sharing the road with golf cartsIf you live near a major North Carolina suburb, you may find yourself sharing the city streets with golf carts. These four-wheeled vehicles are street-legal in many larger cities and even in some smaller towns. While it is always recommended that anyone operating a golf cart mind the rules of the road and remain vigilant, it is just as important that you drive your car appropriately.

Here are some tips for any vehicle driver who shares the road with … Read more

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Top Causes of Boating Accidents

June 24th, 2015

Causes of boating accidentsWhen boats collide, it makes the news. For some reason, people think that boating accidents are a rare occurrence when, in reality, they are more common that you may believe. When it comes to these accidents, there are 10 common reasons that they occur. As a boater, whether a driver or passenger, knowing these causes can make your trip a safer one.

No More Gasoline

Keep an eye on the gas tank. Before you leave shore or the dock, calculate … Read more

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Avoid Boating Accidents This Season

June 17th, 2015

Child wearing a life jacket in water As more boaters head onto the water, there is greater potential for accident and injury. Think of crowded waters like you would think of crowded streets. Just like in your car, there are safety measures to be taken when you decide to go boating. It’s equally as important to remember that it can often take emergency services longer to respond on the water than on the road.

There were 130 recorded boating accidents in the state last year. Of those … Read more

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Bicycle Laws in North Carolina

June 8th, 2015

child learning to ride a bicycleNow that the weather is warming up, you may be thinking of pulling the bicycles out for you and your family. If you plan on riding through your neighborhood or down city streets, there are laws that you should be aware of. According to traffic laws in North Carolina, bicyclists must:

  • Ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic (on the right side of the road).
  • Obey the same traffic signals and signs as those who are driving vehicles.
  • Use
Read more
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Big Chill Is Coming…Is Your Car Ready?

January 9th, 2015

“Mock not the fallen, for slippery is the road ahead of you.”CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Citizens of Charlotte, get ready. An arctic freeze is coming our way.

According to weather forecasters, the city of Charlotte is in for a cold spell. Cold air will be arriving mid-week, and Thursday will see temperatures below the freezing mark. Expect temperatures, with the wind chill, in the low to mid-teens through the end of the week.

Although the polar vortex is not expected to bring precipitation, there is no better time than now to … Read more

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