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Chemical Leak in Charlotte

USDAWhen a crash happens involving a tractor trailer, one of the things that officers look for is to see what cargo the truck was hauling. If it was hauling something dangerous, like fireworks or gasoline, hazmat crews may need to get involved so that the mess can get cleaned up. When hazardous chemicals get into the environment, the results can damage property and the health of people around them. This can open up haulers to lawsuits.

A relatively minor case happened a couple days ago in Charlotte. A crash happened on CSX Way with a tanker that was carrying ethanol. Ethanol is flammable, but not especially dangerous. However, hazmat crews still had to figure out how to remove the product after they discovered a small leak in the tanker.

Fortunately, this accident happened in an industrial area. Equipment for removing and storing the ethanol was probably very close by. However, if the chemical was a more dangerous one or if the accident was in a more public area then the carrier could have been facing the possibility of a lawsuit.

If you believe that your property or your health has been affected due to a chemical leak, you need to get experienced personal injury professionals on your side. The lawyers at Auger & Auger are ready to represent you. Call today to begin legal proceedings.

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