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Child Claims Abuse at Local YMCA

BallCHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte police are taking a close look at the YMCA after a boy reported that he was sexually assaulted within the walls of the facility.

It was in the SouthPark YMCA that the 10-year-old child says he was sexually fondled. Police are not releasing details of the assault, nor are they giving the public a description of the subject.

Officials at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte are cooperating fully with police, having reported the incident after parents alerted the officials to the incident.

Teach Safety First

It is not unusual for parents to give pre-teens and teens a certain level of independence. They are, after all, growing into young adults who will need to make decisions for themselves. Part of that decision-making process must include keeping themselves safe from predators.

Teach your children:

1. The Buddy System
The buddy system is as useful outside of the pool as it is in. Teach your children to always stay with a friend. A predator is far less likely to victimize a group of children rather than one who is on his own.

2. To Trust Intuition
Even young children know when something isn’t right. Children may not know how to put the feeling into words, but they know when something is amiss. Teach your children to trust that feeling in their gut.

3. To Trust Adults in Authority
Teach your children to trust police, firefighters, teachers, and other adults in positions of authority. The more your child trusts these people, the more likely they will be to tell them of any abuse or attempted abuse. When your child is fearful of these people, he may keep stories of abuse to himself.

4. Not to Explore Strange Places
Children love to explore. It is second nature to them. Teach your children to stick to main hallways, lit walkways and places that are inhabited by people. Let your children know that if an area is not well lit or seems deserted or closed to the public to pass it by and look for an alternative.

If your child has been the victim of abuse, you need an experienced attorney. We can fight for your child’s rights and get your family the compensation you deserve. Our vast network of professionals includes therapists who can help your child heal. Let us help you help your child. Contact us today for a free consultation. We do not get paid until you do.

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