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Deep Fry Your Turkey Safely

shutterstock_90581383Thanksgiving is just a few days away. As it approaches, you may be thinking about cooking the family’s bird in a non-traditional way. Deep fried turkeys have become all the rage in the past several years and are tasty to be sure. Unfortunately, this “new” way of cooking Thanksgiving dinner has caused quite a number of accidents across the country. If you will be deep frying your turkey for the first time this year, do so with these safety tips in mind.

1. You wouldn’t grill right next to your house. Many people won’t even grill on their decks if they are using charcoal. Deep frying a turkey is no different. In fact, deep frying a turkey should be done even farther from the house and any structures in your yard.

2. Thaw the turkey first. This cannot be said enough, and it is often one of the first questions that people ask. Ice and water will mix into the hot oil and cause bursts of flames or flare ups, which can lead to an explosion.

3. If you are using a propane-fueled fryer, leave at least 2 feet of space between the fryer and the propane tank. This will help to ensure that the propane tank won’t explode if something goes awry with the fryer.

4. Just before you put the turkey in the fryer, turn off the machine’s burner. If oil spills or pops over the edges, it won’t land on an open flame. Turn the burner back on after the turkey has been safely submerged.

5. Do not overfill the fryer with oil. Your instruction booklet should tell you how much oil you can safely put in the fryer. While you are at it, choose a smaller turkey. They tend to work out better in fryers. Look for a turkey that weighs between 8 and 10 pounds. You can always cook two turkeys: One for the family to snack on throughout the day, then one for dinner.

6. Don’t stuff the turkey or use any type of water-based marinades. Make your stuffing separately and, if you like, rub a bit of marinade over the turkey after it is done or drizzle it with your favorite sauce.

7. Safety equipment should be worn and kept nearby at all times. Wear eye goggles to protect your eyes and oven mitts to protect your hands. Keep a fire extinguisher on the ground nearby in case something catches fire.

8. Keep children and pets away from the fryer. It’s a good idea to keep everyone away from the fryer as a matter of fact.

Deep frying a turkey has become a holiday tradition for some, and deep frying will be a new activity for many this year. If you plan on trying your hand at this cooking method, follow the steps above to be sure that you do so as safely as possible.

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