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Don’t Hang Up Your Wheels

riding a bike in the rainIf you live in Charlotte,  you may be dreading the coming season. Wet, snowy and cold weather may soon be upon us, meaning an end to warm-weather activities. Whether you ride your bicycle to get to work or school or simply ride for pleasure, you might be involved in a sort of countdown to when those wheels get hung up. Not so fast.

If you really want to ride your bike throughout the winter season, you certainly can. All it takes is a few changes in your habits. None of the changes you need to make are difficult, and none will cost a ton of money or time. Keep reading to discover how you can keep your wheels on the ground this winter.

1. Dress Right

You know enough to wear an outer layer that’s waterproof, but what are you wearing underneath? If you aren’t wearing breathable layers, you’ll be wet from sweat instead of rain. Look for clothes that breathe to wear underneath your winter-weather gear. That way you stay dry throughout your layers.

2. Change Your Sunglasses

If you wear sunglasses while you ride, ditch the dark lenses for ones that are clear or yellow. Dark lenses will inhibit your sight in low light conditions, like around the early sunsets of winter.

3. Brake Sooner

Just like your car, your bicycle will take longer to brake in wet weather. Keep this in mind when you are riding and brake sooner than you otherwise would. Also bear in mind that braking through a rain slick or puddle will be different than simply braking on slick roads.

4. Slicks

Speaking of slick roads, the rain will bring oil to the surface. The edges of oil slicks will have a rainbow-like appearance. If you see these, avoid them. Also be aware that any metal objects like manholes or bridges will be slippery and should be ridden over carefully.

5. Turning the Corner

If you are rounding a corner, try to lean your body more than your bike. The more upright your bike, the faster you can take a corner in the wet weather. If you can’t get the hang of leaning properly, just slow down. Either will work fine.

6. Tell Someone

Don’t leave home without telling someone you are heading out. While this is true any time you decide to ride your bike, it’s especially important in inclement weather. Let someone know what time you will be leaving, where you are going and the route you are taking to get there. Make a plan to check in with that person every 30 minutes or so.

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