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Don’t Pokemon and Drive know that you shouldn’t drink and drive. You’ve probably also heard that you shouldn’t eat, text or get ready for your day while you drive. But what about Pokemon? The latest gaming craze to sweep across the nation has become a very real concern for law enforcement and drivers alike. Chasing virtual creatures while driving has already caused some major headaches.

What Is Pokemon Go?

In case you haven’t heard of it, Pokemon Go is an app that users download to their tablets or cell phones. Once signed in, players “chase” the Pokemon that they or their children grew up with. Instead of simply staying within the bounds of the virtual world, players walk, hike, bike and, dangerously, drive to chase and catch Pikachu and his fellow characters.

The Benefits

While many adults were quick to scoff at the game, minds are being changed. The app encourages kids and, in fact, any player to get out and get some exercise. The game is calibrated to be played at a walking pace. Parents report children who have not so much as stepped outside are walking for miles for the thrill of the chase.

The Dangers

Like any new fad, the good is coupled with a bit of negative. In the case of Pokemon Go, it is the thousands of players that don’t chase Pokemon on their feet, but in their cars. Because the game is calibrated as it is, drivers are creeping along at a slow pace and causing accidents.

It’s not only the slow driving that is causing crashes. Drivers are so intent on their screens that they aren’t paying attention to the road ahead. Drivers have crashed into trees, utility poles and even police cars. Driving while distracted is dangerous. Driving while chasing Pokemon is even more so.

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