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Driverless Cars Reduce DUIs

16467802971_f7f8b31a4c_z Driverless cars will soon be coming to a market near you. Do you think that statement is false? Think again. The technology is there, even if the interest of the masses isn’t. But what will driverless cars mean for America? Sweeping changes could be the answer to that question. Here is what we may be able to expect.

Fewer Accidents

Without humans behind the wheel, much of the risk factor involved in driving is eliminated. Estimates of just how many accidents will be eliminated each year vary. No matter what the statistics say, driverless cars will undoubtedly have a great impact on health and safety.

Fewer DUIs

Cars can’t drink and drive but people can. Without human drivers, there would be literally no risk of running afoul of an intoxicated vehicle operator. When the risk of DUIs is eliminated, we may see the drinking age fall to 18.

Extended Telecommuting

Working from home is as popular as it has ever been, but imagine being able to turn your car into a mobile office. Without the worry of distracted driving, you can read, work, and study in your car as it takes you where you need to go.

Reduction in Car Theft

Any car that is operated by a human driver is done so manually. This makes a car inherently easy to steal, provided you know what you are doing. Driverless cars will utilize technologies that make it difficult to steal them.

Erosion of Privacy

Not all of the things that come along with driverless cars will make life better. Today, you can hop in your car and go anywhere with complete anonymity if you so desire. Driverless cars will rely on GPS, meaning that your vehicle will store information about every trip you take.

Driving Jobs Eliminated

On the list of cons must be the elimination of driving jobs. When driverless cars hit the road, cab, truck and delivery drivers may find themselves out of work. This is huge news for the more than three million truck and cab drivers across the nation who rely on their paychecks to support themselves and their families.

While not everyone is on board with driverless cars, they truly may be the wave of the future, and that future will look vastly different than any we have imagined. We have to wait and see if the pros outweigh the cons, but if a reduction in the number of accidents and impaired drivers on the road will be a result, driverless cars may indeed benefit us all.

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