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Driving Safely with Your Best Friend

danger of dogs in the backseat of a carIt is not unusual to see people driving down the road with a dog in the car. Maybe you have even grinned to yourself after witnessing the joy on a dog’s face as it hangs its head out of the window, wind whipping through its ears. As fun to see as this is, it is actually a dangerous practice for both the driver and the animal.

Many pet owners do not stop to consider that their pets can become projectiles in car crashes. Owners often fail to realize that hanging a head out of the window can be damaging to a pet’s eyes. Here are tips for traveling with your pet the right way.


Cats and small dogs should be secured in a carrier in the back seat of your car. The carrier can be secured with the seat belt, and the animal can be locked safely inside. This prevents your pet from sliding or flying forward when you are forced to slam on the brakes.

Harness and Seat Belt

If you prefer to let your dog have a bit of freedom in the backseat, use a harness and seat belt combination instead of a carrier. There are specially-made, padded harnesses on the market that are sold with a seat belt attachment. This can be a great way to keep your pet in place.


A crate is the perfect choice if you have an SUV. Your dog only needs enough room to lie down, stand up and turn around. Whether you choose a wire crate or a plastic crate is up to you. Consider securing the crate into the back of the SUV with bungee cords if possible.

Lock the Power Windows

Many a dog has been known to put its paws on the arm rest of a vehicle, sending the power windows either up or down. Both directions can have dangerous consequences for your companion animal. Lock the power windows to prevent your pet from inadvertently operating them.

Traveling with your pet safely involves more than just putting your animal in the backseat and shutting the door. Driving with an unsecured pet can be distracting, causing you to get into an accident. Do yourself and your pet a favor: Travel safely.

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