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DWI Myths Busted

copper coinIf you get arrested and convicted for driving while impaired in North Carolina, you will undoubtedly face harsh punishment. From fines to possible jail time, attorney fees to license suspension, you may be facing consequences that you weren’t prepared for. Let’s take a moment to consider, and debunk, the most popular myths surrounding impaired driving.

Many people are under the impression that the only way you can be arrested for drunk driving it to be…well…driving. If this is what you believe, we are here to tell you how wrong you are. You do not need to be behind the wheel, you only need to be known by law enforcement to have been recently driving.

Breathalyzer Accuracy
Law enforcement agencies and courts rely on breathalyzer results. Unfortunately, a breathalyzer cannot accurately measure the content of alcohol in your blood. If you do not feel that your results were accurate, you have the right to ask for a blood test.

If you are like most, you believe that you must cooperate and do everything that is asked of you. Not true. Consider your Miranda Warning: Anything you do or say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You do not have to give the officer anything to use against you in court. That includes submitting to any field sobriety tests or breath tests.

Two Beers
Believe it or not, officers have heard the “I only had two beers” line more than once. Don’t put a number on the amount of drinks you have had if you are going to incriminate yourself. The simply answer to “Have you been drinking?” is either yes or no.

Two Beers…Continued
There is an ages-old myth that two drinks will not net you a DWI. This is not necessarily the truth. Everyone metabolizes alcohol in a different manner. How many drinks you can have before you register on a breathalyzer depends on the contents of your stomach, your gender, and your size. The best way to avoid getting charged with a DWI is not to drink anything.

Beating the Breathalyzer
Suck on a penny. Swig some mouthwash. Avoid taking a deep breath. There are dozens of “tricks” designed to help you beat a breath test. Unfortunately, none of these things work. If you think you can do something to beat the breathalyzer, think again.

If you are planning on getting out to enjoy the lovely spring weather, do yourself a favor: don’t drink and drive. Not only will you avoid being charged with a DWI, but you will avoid changing the your life or the lives of others in a way that you can never take back.

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