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Good Physical Fitness Is Important for Motorcycle Riders

Driving a car requires little physical fitness. You get behind the wheel, you start your engine and you go where you need to go. Driving a motorcycle isn’t so simple. A motorcycle requires balance, and balance requires strength. A person who can’t control their bike is a danger to themselves and others on the road.

Picture this scenario: You are driving your motorcycle and feel it begin to tip. You plant your foot and do what you can to stabilize your bike. You lack the physical strength to hold it up, and you lay it down. Could it have been avoided? Quite possibly.

Getting into better shape can help keep you on two wheels longer. For many people, age-related declines in physical fitness have them giving up riding before they are ready. By staying fit, you will be able to enjoy the open road for years to come.

1. Work Out

How and when you workout is up to you. Some people find that they don’t have the time or desire to join a gym. The good news is that there are DVDs and even apps that can help you develop your fitness. If you don’t want to workout in your living room, hop on a bike and take a ride. Put the leash on the dog and go for a walk. There are a variety of ways that you can put a workout routine together.

2. Build Endurance

Building endurance will allow you to ride your motorcycle for longer periods of time. How you develop that endurance depends on your current state of health, but it should include increasing your heart rate. Start slow and increase your exercise over a period of weeks and months. Take your pulse and count your heartbeats per minute. A good goal is between 65 and 75 percent of your resting rate. Try to maintain this range for 10 minutes during your first workouts and longer in your subsequent ones.

3. Strength

You want to build the strength in your core, thighs and forearms. Weight training is the easiest way to build muscle, but any resistance activity will do. Yard work, swimming and even playing sports will help to build your strength. Here’s a good rule of thumb: When you take on resistance training, you will feel it in your muscles. It’s time to increase your weights when you don’t feel the burn any longer.

Anyone who has not been involved in any type of fitness program should speak with their doctor before undertaking a new regimen. Your medical provider can help you determine the healthiest amount of exercise for your age, body type and current state of health.

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