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How to Help Your Teen Say No to Alcohol

Teenage drinking and teenage drunk driving is dangerousA teenager and alcohol is not only an illegal combination, it is a dangerous one. Teenage drunk driving injures or kills thousands of people each year. You may have had a talk with your teenager, or one that you know, about the dangers of alcohol and drunk driving, but have you given them the skills they need to say no?

It can be difficult for teens to say no to their friends. It can also be difficult to refuse temptation. By developing the right skills, your teen will find it easier to overcome peer pressure. Here are some skills you can help your teen practice.

  1. Reasoning

Sometimes simply saying no is not enough. People will continue to pressure your teen because, in reality, there has been no reason given. Help your teenager come up with a few good reasons for saying no. These might include a desire to keep a clear head, an unwillingness to lose privileges in or out of the home or even a simple, “I don’t drink because I don’t want to.”

  1. Concern

Teach your teen to verbalize their concern for friends who choose to drink. This can be helpful for teens who find themselves in social situations. What can your teenager say to their friend to persuade them to not drink? Brainstorm some ideas together.

  1. Alternatives

Help your teenager think of alternatives to drinking or to social situations in which drinking may occur. There are dozens of healthier and smarter alternatives to drinking alcohol.

  1. Body Language

If your teen turns down a drink while looking at the floor, shuffling their feet or talking under their breath, they aren’t going to be taken seriously. Teach your child about strong, confident body language. Eye contact, pulled-back shoulders and a firm stance will all make your teen come across as serious.

  1. Ride Home

Your teen may be confronted with a situation out of their control. They may encounter alcohol unexpectedly or be forced to deal with friends who choose to drink. Make sure that your child always knows that they can call you for a ride home that is free of lecture or punishment.

Teenage drunk driving is something that everyone needs to take seriously. When you take the time to equip your teen with ways to say no, they may be less likely to drink with friends and acquaintances. Use the tips above and start teaching your young adult how to turn down temptation.

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