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Holiday Accidents That Are Anything But Funny

Christmas cracker tableWe talk a lot about safety. As personal injury attorneys, we feel confident in offering tips for people who want to avoid accidents. While many of our posts are filled with common sense tips, sometimes we run across information in our research that borders on humorous.

While no accident is ever a cause for laughter, some do make you shake your head and wonder just how they happened. According to some experts, there are five holiday accidents that are more common than you may imagine.

  1. Holiday Crackers

Holiday crackers are more popular overseas than they are here at home, but they can be quite dangerous. Made of paper and filled with gifts, these traditional items are pulled apart to reveal their contents. Seems easy enough, unless you are one of the three people that break their arms each year while pulling them.

  1. Pokey Pins

Ugh… pins. If you have ever gotten a new shirt, you know the danger that these little poking pieces of metal present. More than 200 people get medical attention each year because they missed a pin or two before putting on their new shirt.

  1. Licking Batteries

Many a child, and even an adult, has put their tongue on a battery at some point in their life. Don’t. It is rare, but over the past decade, 27 people have died from licking batteries.

  1. Sharp Objects

If you don’t know how to use a box cutter or scissors properly, put them down. Hundreds of people are admitted to the hospital each holiday season after cutting themselves while opening gifts.

  1. Know What You Eat

Holiday chocolates are disguised as all sorts of things. Some look like presents, while others look like toys. Know what you are eating before you put it in your mouth. Several years ago, two people lost their lives because they ate decorations they thought were chocolates.

These accidents may seem silly, and you may even have chuckled a bit. If they happened to you or a loved one, they may not seem so comical. Keep your wits about you this holiday season and be mindful of risks and dangers that seem nonconsequential. Accidents can happen and even the smallest of mishaps can cause severe injury.

If you are injured during the holidays, you may be entitled to compensation under the law. Call our personal injury attorneys today and let us review the facts of your case at no charge to you. We want to help you move on with your life. Call now.

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