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Holiday Toy Safety Tips for Kids

Sassy and Carter's Hug N Tug Baby Toys RecalledNo matter what holidays you celebrate, if you have kids, chances are good that you have new toys laying around your house. This is the perfect time for a reminder about toys, kids, and safety.

At times, toys pose a threat due to recalls, at other times, injuries occur due to a lack of supervision or misuse. Here are 10 tips that will help you keep your kids safe, no matter what toys they have received this season.

1. Pay Attention to Age Recommendations

People typically pay attention to age recommendations when buying toys for children, but it never hurts to double-check the package after it has been opened. If the toy your child receives is labeled for children who are older, put the toy away and bring it out when your child is old enough.

2. Plastic Wrap

Do not be tempted to toss plastic wrap on a table or, worse, the floor. Children may grab the wrap without your notice, posing a very real health hazard. Always discard plastic wrap immediately.

3. Non-Toxic for Little Ones

Babies and young toddlers explore the world with their mouths. Make sure that toys are labeled as non-toxic before handing them over to these little ones.

4. Inspect for Small Parts

Until your children are old enough to avoid the temptation to put small objects in their mouths, ears or noses, inspect all toys for small parts. These things can be choking hazards and should be removed.

5. Sharp Edges

Inspect toys for sharp edges, poking tags, or wires. These objects can scratch and cut children and should be cut off. If they are not removable, do not give the toy to your child.

6. Remove Strings

Unfortunately, some toys are made with long strings, cords, or ribbons. These can pose a danger to young children who can get tangled in the cords. Only allow your child to play with these toys under your supervision.

7. Throw Away Broken Toys

Be sure to inspect your child’s toys periodically. Any toy that is broken or in ill-repair should be thrown away.

8. Supervise

Even the safest toys can pose a threat if they are not played with as they were designed to be. Always supervise children, especially young ones, when they are at play to prevent injury.

9. Keep a Toy Box

Teach your older children to put their toys away when they are done playing. Put your little one’s toys away yourself when they are not in use. This can prevent accidental trips and falls.

10. Teach Older Children

If you have both older and younger children in your home, teach the older kids to put their toys away and out of reach of their young siblings.

Toy safety is not something that parents think about frequently. Unfortunately, children are injured every day due to improper play or faulty toys. If you believe that your child has been injured by a toy through no fault of their own, or yours, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Auger & Auger today!

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