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How to Reduce Your Chances of Falling

slipping on bannana peelSlips and falls occur every day in the workplace, in the retail industry and even on private property. Some falls are due to environmental hazards, and other accidents are due to a lack of balance or attentiveness. While you can’t prevent every fall or injury, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of taking a tumble.

Balance Exercises

If you exercise regularly, add a few moves that will increase your ability to balance. If you don’t exercise regularly, now is the time to start. Movements that focus on balance, strength and gait can help you stay on your feet. Look for tai chi, yoga or even kickboxing classes. Walking regularly is also a great way to stay fit and improve your balance.


Some medications can have a negative impact on our ability to maintain proper balance. If your medication is causing you to have headaches, experience dizziness or make it hard to maintain your balance, speak with your doctor. You may be able to have your dosage lowered or switch to a medication that works better with your body chemistry.

Correct Hazards

Effective fall prevention often starts with ensuring that slip and fall hazards are removed from the environment. Whether at the workplace, in the home or on your property, eliminating these hazards can help to ensure that people are less likely to fall. Pick clutter up off of the floor, make sure rugs are secure and update your lighting if necessary. Things like this can go a long way to making sure your employees or family is safe.

Other things that you can do to prevent falls is to wear properly-fitting, flat shoes, keep your eyeglasses or contacts prescription current, and stay alert while you are walking. If you believe that your workplace presents hazards that can be eliminated, speak with your supervisor. Preventing falls is not always in your control but reducing your risk is.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall injury in Charlotte, call our office. We will review the details of your accident and advise you of your options. Call now for assistance.

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