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Information to Help Prevent Truck Accidents

Semi truck accidentSemi truck accidents are often catastrophic. It is easy to understand why when you consider just how much power is behind such a large truck. While there are certainly reasons for these accidents that can be attributed to truckers themselves, many come down to the behaviors of vehicle drivers.

Sharing the road is everyone’s responsibility. Vehicle drivers need to be careful when driving near semi trucks and other large vehicles. Here are four things that vehicle drivers may do that could easily cause a truck versus car accident.

1. Changing Lanes

A smaller car can fit into the spaces that a semi truck cannot. Unfortunately, squeezing into the space just ahead of a truck is not always a good idea when changing lanes. Trucks take a longer time to come to a stop than a typical vehicle. Swerving in front of a semi truck can cause an accident simply because of the limited response time of a trucker.

2. Passing

Passenger vehicles can see one another much easier than trucks can. Passenger vehicles are not always familiar with blind spots of semis, nor do drivers of passenger vehicles know how much room a truck needs to maneuver. Passing a semi on a hill or curve can be dangerous. Any time a vehicle passes a truck, they should do so in a way that doesn’t cause the truck driver to need to brake.

3. Blind Spots

Truckers do not only have blind spots to the sides of their rigs. There are blind spots in the front and rear as well. A good rule of thumb is this: If you can’t see a trucker’s side mirrors, they can’t see you. Keep this in mind when riding next to or behind a semi.

4. Wide Turns

Most people have seen the stickers on the back of a semi’s trailer that says the particular truck makes wide turns. If a semi is ahead of you and has its turn signal on, don’t try to make the turn faster. Be patient and wait behind the truck as it makes its right or left turn. If you are caught on the side of the truck as it is trying to negotiate a turn or corner, you could be hit.

No one wants to be involved in a truck versus car accident due to the potential seriousness of these types of incidents. The good news is that there are things that a vehicle driver can be aware of when sharing the road with semis. The next time you find yourself riding behind, in front of or next to a semi truck, keep the list above in mind.

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