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How Wearable Tech Could Change Workers’ Compensation

Use of FitBit or similar devices to prevent injuryIf you have a FitBit or similar device, you are familiar with wearable technology. We will soon be moving beyond wearable technology that simply tracks our level of exercise and fitness. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Indego exoskeleton, a piece of wearable technology that can help those who have been paralyzed or disabled walk again. It is just one example of how technology could aid in the treatment of people who have been injured on the job.

The devices that are being tested and released are ushering people into a new age of personal health and wellness. The workers’ compensation industry is wrapping its figurative arms around the latest in wearable tech. Doctors are writing prescriptions for it, claims managers are considering using it to help patients deal with injuries, and attorneys will begin to consider the cost of wearable technology into claims and lawsuits.

Wearables, as they are being called, are currently being utilized most often for people that have been injured already. People in the workers’ compensation injury are beginning to look at how these devices can be used to prevent injury. Here are a few examples of how industry leaders believe that they can be put into use:

  • Workers in the mining and construction industries can be assigned wearables to alert managers and supervisors if they enter high-risk or restricted areas.
  • Workers can wear fitness trackers to help monitor their current level of fitness. This can be especially useful in industries where physical fitness is an important part of the job.
  • Outdoor workers can wear technology that will alert them when they have been in the sun or heat for an amount of time that has been deemed a risk to their health.

These are just a few of the ways that industry experts are looking into as a way to prevent illness and injury on the job. Used for prevention and healing, wearable technology could change the face of workers’ compensation as it is known today.

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