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Driving with Kids – Don’t Get Distracted!

little girl looking out the car window in the drivers seatThink about driving for a moment. Ask yourself if when you are in the car you are truly focused on the road. If you’re someone who frequently drives with children in the vehicle, chances are the answer to that question is, “no.”

In an Australian study, researchers discovered that people driving with children in the backseat were 12 times more likely to be distracted behind the wheel than a person talking on their cell phone. According to the study, a person diving with children in the backseat takes their eyes off the road for a total of three minutes and 22 seconds in a short, 16-minute drive.

According to AAA, parents do a variety of things when their kids are in the car. Children are up to eight times more distracting to a driver than adult passengers. People behind the wheel do everything from breaking up fights to calming fussy babies. Anything that takes attention away from the road can be dangerous. While children are lovely, they are dangerous as well.

Distracted driving is risky, but experts agree that there are things you can do to reduce the distractions provided by children in a vehicle.

1. Pack Snacks

Pack a few snacks for your kids, and keep them nearby. You don’t want to have to go digging for them when you need them.

2. Bring Activities

Let your children choose quiet things to do in the car and let them pack a road bag. The bag can be filled with books, crayons and small toys that will keep your children entertained while they are in the backseat.

3. Do Not Adjust Your Mirror

One of the worst things that parents do is to adjust their rearview mirror so that it is looking at the children instead of the road behind the car. Don’t do this. Keep your mirror as it is and buckle your children safely so you don’t have to worry.

4. Pull Over

If you need to discipline your children, grab a snack or find a lost toy, pull over into a parking lot before you lose focus on the road ahead. Don’t do these things while you are driving.

5. Establish Rules

Your kids have rules for behaviors in the house, and they should have rules for behavior in the car. Establish these rules, and consequences of breaking them, before your children get in the backseat.

Driving with kids can be distracting. Any adult who has had young passengers can tell you that. It’s how you handle those distractions that could make the difference between being in an accident and arriving at your destination safely.

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