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A Lucky Escape Caught on Cam

We can’t deny the fact that accidents can happen anytime, every day, every hour, and even every minute. People can receive property damage, or major injuries that greatly affect their normal life and, if their unlucky enough, they could even die. However, some people manage to get away from an accident with little injury. Some people might think that they are really lucky to stay alive after facing an accident. Such luck rarely occurs, but for a very fortunate biker in North Carolina, it happened not just once — but twice!

In Asheville NC, a man was driving on a moped when suddenly an SUV clipped him. He was lucky as he rolled off the bike and got back up on his feet unharmed, but the story did not end there. He tried to approach the SUV that hit him, but as he walks up the driver took off. The scene was caught on a surveillance camera at a nearby business in Asheville. Amazingly, the moped rider was still unhurt. There is no word on charges. According to people who work and live along the road, the incident is not surprising and similar incidents happen almost every day.

If you are a victim of an accident, considering yourself lucky to survive may not be enough. You could be facing major medical bills, and sometimes injuries won’t pop up until weeks after an accident. Let an experienced attorney assist you with your situation. Knowing your rights and acquiring legal protection will certainly help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Auger & Auger today for a free consultation.

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