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Nc State Highway Patrol Warns Drivers About School Zone Safety

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With the beginning of another school year, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol has issued a reminder to drivers to use extra caution when in or around school zones. As a preventative measure, troopers are going to be visible around school zones and other known accident prone areas. First Sergeant Andreas Dietrich said, “Hopefully the sight of blue lights and a patrol car will get people to pay attention.” When our North Carolina personal injury lawyers read this article, we were reminded of some of the tragic accidents that we have seen over the years that caused families so much heartache.

The beginning of school is always exciting for children of all ages, and with all of the excitement, they often forget to use the safety precautions that they have learned. Traffic levels are increased due to school buses, parents that drop off/pick up their students, and the newly licensed high school students now driving to school.

High school drivers are considerably more likely to be distracted while driving, according to the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the UNC Highway Research Center. Some of the frightening statistics about teenage drivers, includes the following:

• Car accident fatalities are three times higher for 16 year olds than other drivers

• 25% of all 16 year old North Carolina drivers have a car accident and half of those accidents cause injuries or fatalities

• 66% of the fatalities in teenage accidents involves the driver or their passengers

• 61% of teenage drivers and 54% of their passengers do not wear seat belts

In addition to being extra watchful for school children, all drivers need to understand the North Carolina school bus laws. The yellow flashing lights warn that the bus is slowing down to let children on or off. The red flashing lights and the extended arms mean children are getting on or off. Drivers cannot proceed until the lights cease to flash and the extended arms are retracted. Children should be warned to stay far enough back from the buses so the driver can see them and never walk behind a bus.

The Highway Patrol also issued warnings about distractions that are dangerous or prohibited. Cell phone usage or other mobile phone technology is prohibited for those drivers under the age of 18. Drivers of all ages are prohibited from texting or reading text messages while operating a vehicle. For all drivers, driving and talking on a cell phone increase the odds of having an accident and should not be done. Finally, “Buckle Up!” Wearing a seat belt will increase your odds of avoiding serious injury or death in any type of vehicle.

If you, a relative or a friend have had a child suffer injuries or death while crossing a street in a school zone, you need to immediately seek the advice and counsel of a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. Remember, North Carolina is a contributory negligence state and the insurance company representing the other party will be doing everything possible to place negligence on someone else to avoid any monetary responsibility.

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