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School Bus Driver Charged With Driving While Impaired

June 14th, 2010

School BusFive middle school children were recently injured when their bus rear-ended an SUV. Driver, Charles Wynn, was found to have a blood-alcohol level of .20, which is five times the legal limit for the operator of a school bus. He was charged with DWI of a Commercial Vehicle, Operating School Bus after Consuming Alcohol, and Driving While Impaired. His license was immediately revoked and a trial is set for August 12, 2010 for the outstanding charged.

Injuries resulting from school … Read more

Posted In: Drunk Driver, School Bus Accidents

Teenager Drowns In Public Pool

June 8th, 2010

No Diving Pool SignA teenager, who witnesses say could not swim, drowned Saturday in a public pool in High Point, NC. It is unknown why the 17 year old Anthony Hayes was in nearly 13 feet of water when it has been reported that he was unable to swim.

North Carolina law requires that there be a minimum of 24 square feet of water surface area, per person, in areas of the pool that are deeper than 5 feet. Investigators also report that … Read more

Posted In: Swimming Pool Accidents

Update In Arrest Of Hit And Run Vs Cyclists

June 4th, 2010

Records show that Daniel Burton Wilson, II has a prior arrest for Driving While Intoxicated, back in 2009. Wilson plead guilty to Driving After Consuming an Alcoholic Beverage Under Age 21, and the judge gave him a Prayer for Judgment Continued. In 2008, Wilson was convicted of Possessing a Malt Beverage/Unfortified Wine by Someone who is 19 or 20. He has also been convicted twice for No Operator’s License. All of this begs the question, was Wilson drunk again when … Read more

Posted In: Bicycle Accidents

Drunk Driver Strikes Two Pedestrians While Texting

June 3rd, 2010

Texting and DrivingTwenty-eight states, including North Carolina, have made it illegal to text while driving, yet some drivers are still doing it, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Early on the morning of May 30, Jedadiah Allen Woodcock struck 2 North Carolina pedestrians in Wrightsville Beach. Wtinesses observed Woodcock speeding in the direction of the pedestrians, strike them, and then flee the scene.

Investigating police officers found Woodcock’s cell phone on the floor of the car with a partially written text message appearing on … Read more

Posted In: Drunk Driver, Pedestrian Accidents, Texting and Cell Phone Use

You Are Not In Good Hands With Allstate

June 1st, 2010

Money MattersA study conducted by the American Association for Justice (AAJ) found that among the worst insurance companies in America, by far, Allstate was the worst. This study looked at thousands of court documents, SEC and FBI records, state insurance department investigations and complaints, and testimony and depositions of former insurance agents and adjusters.

In the words of Allstate’s CEO, Thomas Wilson, “Our obligation is to earn a return for our shareholders.” That mission statement, adopted over a decade ago, lead … Read more

Posted In: Insurance

Charlotte Car Accident Caused By Allegedly Drunk Driver Sends Four To Hospital

June 1st, 2010

Drinking and DrivingCharlotte, North Carolina woman was charged with Driving While Impaired for an accident early Friday morning. Akesha Balknight was also charged with Driving While License Revoked.

A witness reported that Ms. Balknight was traveling 45mph when she passed through a red light at the intersection of Idlewild Road and Margaret-Wallace Road, striking another vehicle in the intersection. The other vehicle was propelled 72 feet and finally came to a rest when it went up and embankment and struck a tree. … Read more

Posted In: Car Accidents, Drunk Driver, Punitive Damages

Highway Patrol Trooper Going 120Mph Before Crash

May 25th, 2010

Police CarOn May 20, 2010, Raleigh television station ABC11 released a report indicating that North Carolina Highway Patrol Troopers crashed their vehicles at a rate of 7 wrecks per week for the calendar year 2009, an average of one crash per day.

Three days after the release of this report, an accident involving a State Trooper took the lives of 2 innocent victims. Trooper J.D. Goodnight was traveling 120mph just before he crashed into Sandra Allmond’s vehicle, killing her instantly. … Read more

Posted In: Car Accidents

Arrest In Hit And Run Of Cyclists

May 21st, 2010

Speeding Bicycle On May 19, 2010, while participating in “A Ride of Silence,” a group bicycle ride to honor those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways, 6 cyclists were mowed down by an SUV traveling in the opposite direction. The 21 year old driver of the SUV, Daniel Burton Wilson, II, fled the scene.

Wilson, who reluctantly turned himself in, has been charged with 6 counts of felony hit-and-run. Wilson has refused to answer any questions relating … Read more

Posted In: Bicycle Accidents

What Does The End Of Contributory Negligence Mean For The North Carolina Auto Accident Victim

May 18th, 2010

In its 2010 session, the North Carolina Senate will decide whether to put an end to the archaic doctrine of contributory negligence and adopt a form of comparative negligence. Presently, North Carolina is one of only 5 states that follows contributory negligence, meaning if an injured party is partially responsible for his injury, even if only 1%, he is prevented from recovering any damages from the party primarily at fault.

The proposed new law, HB 813, modeled after the … Read more

Posted In: Legislative News

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 17th, 2010

Shortly before Charlotte, North Carolina schools let out for the summer, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will bring the danger of being bitten by a dog into the national spotlight as it promotes National Dog Bite Prevention Week from May 17-23. Since children between the ages of 5 and 9 are the people most likely to be bitten, and they are about to be released from school, this event is particularly timely.

The CDC reports that of the 4.7 … Read more

Posted In: Dog and Animal Attacks
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