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Popular Holiday Gift Causing Damage

Injuries related to hoverboardsHoverboards were a popular holiday gift this season, but many parents are wishing they had never bought one. People around the globe have experienced falls, accidents and even burns. If you purchased one of these motorized toys for your children this year, you may want to rethink whether or not you want to keep it around.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have already been 70 reports of injuries related to hoverboards. There have been 22 reported fires in 17 different states. These fires have been attributed to overheating batteries. In the United Kingdom, reports of hoverboards exploding unexpectedly abound. At least two different incidents occurred, one as early as October 11, 2015. In that case, a board caught fire while an owner had it charging in a bedroom.

In November, a family saw their kitchen catch on fire as a result of an exploding hoverboard. The owner reported a firework-like explosion and then a larger one. The resultant damage costed the family close to $40,000.

In London, officials are warning that battery packs may be to blame. They are also cautioning users that these explosions may not be linked to one particular brand or model of hoverboard. They are saying that it tends to be the hoverboards at the lower end of the price spectrum that are having problems. What is believed to be happening is a heating of the battery as it drains. It eventually gets so hot that it explodes. The concern, other than property damage, is injury to riders or those observing nearby.

There is no way to predict when a faulty battery pack will explode. The heating up could be rapid or it could take hours. This means that an explosion could occur when someone is riding the toy. Officials around the world are cautioning everyone from purchasing a board from an unknown source like an online auction site. Consumers are urged to purchase a hoverboard from a reputable vendor and to research the specific hoverboard they are considering before making a final purchase.

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