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Real Reasons Your Premiums May Go Up

Toy car placed on calculatorsWhen people are involved in car accidents, they often dread calling their insurance company. There is a misconception that insurance premiums will go through the roof when a driver is involved in an accident. While this may be the case in accidents in which you are at-fault, it is not true in each accident. Unique circumstances, along with your driving history, will be considered when adjusting premiums.

While your premiums may not go up due to an accident, there are some other factors that will send them higher. Here are a few of the real reasons you could see your auto insurance premiums rise.

1. Driving Record

You could see a spike in your premiums if you have several traffic tickets on your record and receive another. The same can be the case if you have multiple accidents. It is rare, but heard of, for premiums to rise due to a single ticket or one minor crash. Your premiums will rise once your insurance company views you as a risk.

2. Teenage Drivers

Earning a driver’s license is an exciting time for a teenager, but not so much for parents who are paying for insurance. When you add a teenage driver to your police, you can expect your premium to increase. Teens are statistically more likely to cause or to be involved in an accident, and insurance companies know this.

3. Your Vehicle

The type of vehicle you drive will make a difference in your premiums. If you choose to drive a sports car instead of a family sedan, you will pay for it. The fancier the car you drive, the higher your premium. A flashy car is attractive to thieves, but not so attractive to insurance agents.

4. A New Car

People often wonder why a new car with all of its safety features would cost more than an older model to insure. Any new car, no matter its make or model, could cause your premiums to go up. This has nothing to do with safety features and everything to do with the cost to replace the car if you are involved in an accident.

5. Getting Divorced or Staying Single

One of the benefits of getting married, financially, is a decrease in insurance premiums. Married drivers, especially those with children, are considered to be safer. If you are married and get divorced, your insurance premiums may go up. If you choose to stay single, you will be paying more than your married friends.

While being involved in an accident could cause your premiums to rise, you are more likely to see them go up for the reasons above. If you do happen to be involved in a vehicle collision in Charlotte, our experienced personal injury attorneys can deal with the insurance companies for you and represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. Call our office today to schedule your free case evaluation and discover more about your legal options.

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