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Be Safe Out There

Over the past few days, the wintry weather has kicked into high gear, blanketing snow and ice over the entirety of North Carolina.  While these conditions are extraordinary, safety measures to prevent accidents are not.  The police department reported that they were responding to 105 wrecks in the Charlotte area on Wednesday.

What types of accidents are happening?

  • Drivers get run off the road to avoid getting hit by others
  • Downed power lines are tangling up the roads
  • Overturned vehicles
  • Multi-car pile-ups

These types of accidents are common during snow and ice storms, but there are ways that you can prevent these types of accidents from happening to you.

Stay off the roads

We definitely understand that you are under pressure to go to work, but is it necessary to risk getting into an accident?  If your employer allows it is there any possibility of remote working?

Drive Slowly

We cannot emphasize this one enough.  Speed plays a part in a huge number of accidents.  When the weather is frightful, it’s time to slow down at least 10mph to the fact that there’s snow and ice on the roadways.  If you still feel that you’re going too fast then slow it down further.  If you’re late for an appointment as a result of it people will understand.

Drive during the daytime

When you drive during the daytime, you have a higher likelihood of being able to see black ice and other hazards.  Driving at night is already dangerous without the extra hazard of ice caking the roadways.

If you’ve been injured as a result of an accident caused by the winter weather, please give Auger & Auger a call for a free consultation.  We’re experts in getting you the settlements that you deserve.  Call today.

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