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Summer Weather Tips for Your Pet

ensurring safety of pet animals while drivingWho doesn’t love spending a beautiful day outdoors with their favorite canine companion? If you are like the majority of dog owners, a sunny day virtually screams for some fun, exercise, and a romp in the grass. Before you open the door and head outside, ask yourself what you know about keeping your dog safe in the hot summer weather. By taking precautions, you can ensure that your pooch has the best time ever.


Before summer hits, make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Have your dog tested for heartworm disease if it has been a year or longer since the last test. Get your dog started on a flea and heartworm preventive.


Dogs dehydrate fairly quickly. No matter where you are, make sure that your pet has access to clean, cool water. If you are hiking, bring along a collapsible bowl and a few bottles of water. If you are out in your own yard, fill a bowl with water and put it in the shade.


Never…we repeat…never, leave your dog alone in a vehicle during the warm weather months. It takes just minutes for a car’s interior to rise to deadly temperatures, even with the windows cracked. If you plan on stopping anywhere, leave your pet at home. Quick errands can easily turn into longer trips than you planned.


Don’t let your pets play near water unsupervised. Not all dogs know how to swim. Ponds, rivers, lakes, and pools can be danger zones for your pampered pooch. If you are attending a pool party with your pet, make sure it is wearing a life vest. After the swim, rinse your dog’s coat well to remove any chlorine or salt.


Overheating symptoms should not be ignored. Excessive panting, difficulty breathing, drooling, weakness, confusion, increased heart rate, and collapse are all symptoms of heatstroke in dogs. Dogs with short faces, like pugs and boxers, are more susceptible to overheating. If you notice any of these symptoms, get your dog into a cooler environment immediately. Rubbing alcohol applied to the foot pads can lower your dog’s body temperature safely.

When you know how to keep your pet safe in the hot weather, you both have a better time. You and your dog don’t have to avoid the outdoors, but you do have to be smart about how you handle the heat. Follow the tips above to keep your canine safe.

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