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Texting and Driving: A Tough Habit to Break?

using phone while drivingPeople today are on the go. We are a nation of busy people, and multi-tasking has become the norm. Perhaps frighteningly, one of the most common places people are trying to do multiple things at once is behind the wheel. From eating to putting on makeup, people take care of a variety of things when the only thing they should be focused on is the road ahead.

One of the most dangerous and unlawful habits that people have behind the wheel is texting. It may seem harmless, but texting and driving is against the law in many states and it is extremely dangerous. In the few seconds your eyes are taken away from the road while texting, your vehicle can travel the length of several football fields if you are traveling at normal highway speeds. Can you imagine driving the length of several football fields without looking at the road? Please do not text and drive. Here are some ways to help make sure you don’t have the temptation to send a text while you are behind the wheel.

1. Silence Your Phone

One of the easiest things to do is to simply put your phone on silent or do not disturb. When your phone is silenced, you won’t be alerted to text messages, making you less likely to grab your phone and reply.

2. Turn Your Phone Off

Before you walk out of your door, turn your phone off. You won’t see it or hear it. It won’t light up, it won’t make a sound. There is no need to worry – all of your messages will come through once you power it back on.

3. Out of Sight

If silencing your phone isn’t enough and the thought of turning it off makes you anxious, put it where you can’t reach it. Your bag in the backseat isn’t enough. Put your phone in a locked glove box or your trunk. You don’t have to silence it and you don’t have to turn it off – putting it where you can’t reach it may be enough.

Being a safe driver and keeping your attention focused on the road is a goal that all drivers should strive for.  Please share this information with anyone you know that texts and drives and encourage them to put their phones down while they are driving.

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