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Workplace Violence/Assault At Work Claims

angry man holding up his fists, ready to fightYou get up in the morning when your alarm goes off. You swing your feet out of bed and onto the floor and start getting ready for work. You expect to arrive at your workplace, do your job and go home. For many people on most days, that’s exactly what happens. Each day is like the last.

For others, the workday takes a very different and dangerous turn. Workplace assaults are becoming all too common these days. As tensions build and stress boils over, tempers flare. In some cases, fists fly. Whether it is an employee assaulted by an angry customer or two workers who get into a fight, injuries can occur. If you are assaulted at work, what are your options?

Workers’ Compensation Basics

Depending on the company, workers’ compensation insurance is typically carried by the owner of the company or business. The policy is there to protect workers who are injured while performing their duties. Some medical costs, lost wages and more may be covered. Workers’ compensation typically protects those who have been injured by machinery or other injuries that occur during the course of their duties. Whether or not an injury caused by an assault is covered is by workers’ compensation is a question that should be answered by an experienced work injury attorney.  Every case is different, so one answer does not fit all situations.

Workplace Violence and Workers’ Compensation

Let’s say that you are performing your job when an angry customer approaches you. You do your best to provide excellent customer service, but the person is so agitated that nothing you say is working. The customer lashes out with their fists, striking you in the face, breaking your nose. In such a situation, your injuries may be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

In another example, you are on the job when you are approached by an angry coworker. If you should become injured by that coworker because of workplace violence, you should absolutely consult with an experienced work injury attorney to discover what rights you may have.

In a final example, say you work in a retail store.  Your store is very busy and is often receiving new products to sell.  Many of those products are delivered by a 3rd party delivery company.  If you should be assaulted or injured by a  3rd party such as a delivery person or other vendor, you may be entitled to compensation under workers compensation and additionally there may be a 3rd party claim against the other person or his or her company.  Situations like that can be complicated, so please speak to an attorney to find out more about what protections that law allows for such a situation.

Laws Vary by State

Laws vary from state-to-state on what will and won’t be covered under workers’ compensation. In some cases, the laws may be the same, but may apply differently to different situations. If you have been injured as the result of an assault at work or because of an accident, your best option is to consult an experienced work injury attorney that can advise you of the applicable laws in your state.

If you have been injured while doing your job in Charlotte, you may have a valid case. Contact our team today to arrange for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We will discuss your incident with you and help you determine your options for moving forward. Call our office now to schedule your case evaluation or browse our website for more information about our firm and the types of cases we handle.

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