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Summertime Safety

group of people enjoying meal Summer may not be in full swing quite yet, but we are getting close. With the rise of the temperatures and the availability of sunshine, we will soon begin to see an uptick in warm-weather accidents. Here are some of those dangers and how you and your family can avoid them.

1. Car Accidents

Studies have shown that more teenagers are killed in vehicle collisions between Memorial and Labor Days than any other time of year. It doesn’t mean that your teen has to hang up the keys for the summer, but you should take the time to review safety rules with them.

2. Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a possibility for anyone. Spending too much time in the hot summer sun can cause the human body to overheat. When the body overheats in an extreme way, heat stroke can occur. Signs include headache, confusion, nausea and vomiting. Any person spending time in the hot summer weather should be sure to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks in the shade.

3. Accidents In and On the Water

Boating and drowning accidents peak during the summer. Don’t let anyone near your pool without supervision, take your kids to swim lessons if you haven’t already, and make sure everyone on the boat has a life vest.

4. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning isn’t often thought of as a summertime injury, but it is. With the abundance of picnics, it stands to reason that food poisoning spikes during hot weather. If you are having a cookout, make sure that there are plenty of coolers filled with ice to store food. If you are uncertain about the safe condition of any food, don’t chance it; throw it away.

5. Fireworks

Fireworks used to be centered around the July 4th holiday, but people tend to set them off all summer long these days. No child should ever touch a firework, lit or not. Any adult using a firework should understand how to handle it carefully, and there should be a safety plan in place in case of accident.

6. Pets

Don’t forget about your furry family members this summer season. Dogs and cats are at the same risks, for the most part, as humans. Bug bites, heat stroke and poisoning can all occur in your pets. Do not leave your animal unattended, and make sure your pet has lots of clean water available.

While some summertime accidents cannot be avoided, many can. When you put safety procedures into place, you can reduce your risk of injury. Have fun this summer and enjoy your time with friends and family — just be safe while you are doing it.

If you do happen to be injured in an accident due to negligence in Charlotte or elsewhere in the state of North Carolina this season, reach out to our team of experienced personal injury attorneys for a consultation. We are here for you and your family and would like to advise you of your legal rights.

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