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South Carolina Construction Accident Attorney

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, and both construction workers and passersby may be hurt when things go wrong at the job site. However, the remedies pursued by accident victims can vary enormously, depending on whether the injury was sustained by a worker, an authorized visitor or a pedestrian just walking past the site.  

When the occurrence is local, it takes a South Carolina construction accident attorney to be able to provide legally correct support and guidance to any victim, no matter their classification. Auger & Auger has the experience and expertise that you need on your side — whether this is a personal injury case or a workers’ compensation claim.

Call our office first, and find out just what kind of compassion and commitment our firm has to offer. Meanwhile, we want to provide you with the following key answers to questions which may come to mind after the construction accident:


  • What are my rights after a construction accident?
  • How can I receive compensation after a construction accident?
  • How can a South Carolina construction accident attorney help me?

What are My Rights after a Construction Accident?

If you were working on the construction site when you were injured — or if your loved one was employed there and was killed while on the job — you will likely need to pursue a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits. Workers’ compensation laws are structured to make these types of claims the exclusive remedy for most employees harmed by an on-the-job injury. Though you may be precluded from suing the employer if another subcontractor (third party) was the cause of the accident, you might have a separate ‘third party’ claim against them for your injuries in addition to the workers’ compensation.

Passersby and authorized parties visiting construction sites who suffered harm while on the premises can typically pursue a personal injury claim. Whether the property manager or construction company was negligent, or an injury or death occurred due to an unpreventable accident, compensation will most likely come from the insurance company with whom the owner has liability coverage.  

Personal injury damages can certainly cover a broader range of losses than a workers’ compensation claim, but there’s no guarantee you will prevail in your case — or be awarded a fair settlement. Having an Auger & Auger South Carolina construction accident attorney on board will always maximize your chances for the best outcome no matter the circumstances.  

How Can I Receive Compensation after a Construction Accident?

Recovering compensation after a construction accident can be a very different process — depending on whether you end up pursuing a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim. Both approaches can result in fair compensation, however, the steps to be taken are quite different, as are the types of damages which qualify. Having a local South Carolina construction accident attorney take on your case will ensure state laws are your guidelines, rather than an out-of-state attorney having to reach across boundaries to make a ‘best attempt.’  

If a workers’ compensation claim is the appropriate choice, you must immediately notify your employer of your injury. The claim will be governed by statutory rules, stipulating when you will receive benefits and how much they will amount to. If a personal injury case is opened, we can either negotiate a settlement to obtain compensation or take your case all the way to court, where a jury decides how much money is reasonable and adequate for your injuries and economic losses.

How Can a South Carolina Construction Accident Attorney Help Me?

Whether your injury is work related — or sustained as a visitor or while passing by the construction site — a South Carolina construction accident attorney with Auger & Auger has the industry experience to defend all construction accident victims. Find out why our compassionate and highly experienced team of professionals is just what you need to receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for your free consultation, with no fees due until recovery!

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