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Can Medications Increase Heart Problems?

In North Carolina, heart problems cause 22 percent of deaths in the state and strokes cause five percent of fatalities, according to The American Heart Association.

While heart attack and stroke have many possible causes, including genetics and diet, one possible reason why some patients suffer from cardiac problems or suffer a stroke is dangerous medications.

A wide variety of different medications have been demonstrated in studies to increase the risk of stroke and heart problems. ADHD medications, NSAIDs, and several different diabetes drugs have been linked to heart failure and other serious cardiovascular problems.

When a drug increases the risk of stroke or harms heart health, drug users must be warned of the dangers so they can make an informed choice on whether to use the drug and accept the risk. In some cases, unfortunately, manufacturers fail to alert patients to drug side effects or side effects turn out to be much worse than patients were led to believe.

When a drug causes unexpected harm to patients, the manufacturer can sometimes be held accountable for damages the drug causes. It is up to victims who are seeking compensation to prove the drug was the cause of their stroke or cardiac problems.

If a victim, or surviving family members of a person who died of a stroke or heart attack, can prove a drug company was to blame, the victim should be compensated for economic and financial loss or families should be compensated for wrongful death damages. A North Carolina personal injury attorney can provide assistance in successfully proving a case against a drug manufacturer to obtain payment for losses the drug caused to occur.

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