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What are the Dog Bite Laws?

Dog bite law in North Carolina refers to the body of statutory law and common law that determines when a person may recover compensation after being bitten or attacked by a dog. There are several different laws in North Carolina which establish the rules for holding dog owners liable for bite injuries or animal attacks.

One law in North Carolina related to dog bites addresses damage caused by dogs which are at large. According to North Carolina General Statutes section 67-12, a dog owner is strictly liable for damages for all losses that occur if the dog owner allows a dog aged six months or older to run around at large (not under an owner or caregiver’s control) at nighttime.

Another law in North Carolina, found in General Statutes section 67-4.4, imposes strict liability for injuries and damages inflicted by a dangerous dog. Under this code section, an owner is responsible for losses their dangerous dog causes due to harming people, animals, or property.

General Statute section 67-4.1 explains that a “dangerous dog” is one which has killed or seriously injured someone without provocation in the past. A dog can also be declared as dangerous, or potentially dangerous, for engaging in certain behaviors including serious bite incidents.

If a dog owner is held strictly liable under one of these statutes, this means a bite victim can recover compensation without having to prove negligence. The victim can simply show the bite happened when the dog was at large or after the dog had been declared dangerous.

Victims can also recover compensation in other circumstances as well, by proving they were harmed a result of a negligent failure on the part of the dog’s owner to prevent a bite or attack.

To find out more about North Carolina dog bite law and to determine if you can make a case for compensation if you were hurt by a dog, contact a Charlotte dog bite lawyer today.

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