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Columbia Premises Liability Attorney

Experiencing a slip, trip or other accident on public property you may  feel humiliated. At Auger & Auger, our Columbia premises liability attorney urges you to not let that embarrassment prevent you from establishing your rights. A member of our team will leave for the scene as soon as you call, and conduct our own investigation. The faster we can document the incident, the better.

As a Columbia slip and fall attorney, we know the owner of a premises has just as much responsibility for the exterior as they do for the interior. If you experience an injury-causing accident anywhere on a commercial or residential property, you have rights. At Auger & Auger, we have represented people who have tripped on loose flooring, lost their balance due to a missing handrail on steps, and experienced incidents due to inadequate lighting. If your injury can be attributed to negligence on the part of the landowner, you have a right to seek compensation.

Liability Extends Beyond the Building

Reasonable care — a property owner has the duty to ensure that their entire property, inside and out, is reasonably free of hazard. By allowing people to park in their lot, utilize their walkways and enter their establishments, business owners have accepted a duty of care. Homeowners accept the same duty when they invite someone onto their property even if the invitation is implied. Your considerations and the law’s idea of reasonable may not be the same.


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There are four classifications of persons who may come onto your South Carolina premises: invitees, licensees, adult trespassers, and children. An invitee is granted the highest duty of care while a trespasser is granted the least.

  • Invitee:  This person enters a property at the implied or express invitation of the owner.
  • Licensee: This person is permitted on the property by the possessor’s consent.
  • Adult Trespasser: This person is not permitted on the property and has entered it without invitation.
  • Child: Children may be given special consideration under premises liability law, particularly in the area of trespass.

Property Maintenance is a Priority

Property owners in South Carolina must keep their premises maintained in such a way that people are not at risk of injury. When an owner is aware of a hazard and fails to make the proper repairs, they have no one to blame but themselves when they are named in a lawsuit. The same is true of an owner who allows their structure or land to fall into a state of dangerous disrepair.

The priority after an accident is your health and wellness but once you are able to get medical attention, document the scene. Grab your cell phone and take as many pictures as you can. Get information from witnesses and file a report with the property owner or their designee. The very next thing you need to do is call a lawyer.

Auger & Auger Is Your Personal Advocate after a Slip and Fall Accident

A fall is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when it wasn’t your fault. If a property owner has failed in their duty to protect you, our Columbia premises liability attorney is here for your defense. We know that your ego may be bruised, but that will heal quickly. What may take longer to recover from are contusions, lacerations, and broken bones. You deserve to be compensated for the money you are forced to pay to medical providers and lost wages due to time off work.

Auger & Auger has more than four decades of combined experience representing the rights of victims. You have an expectation of justice and we are here to ensure it is served. Our client testimonials attest to the fact that our team is dedicated to each one of them, and our zero-fee guarantee is just one of the benefits of hiring our firm.
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If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

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