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Rideshare Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in an accident involving a rideshare company, you could be entitled to compensation from the company’s commercial insurance policy. Working with a rideshare car accident lawyer can help you determine who is at fault, the full value of damages caused, and your best options for seeking compensation.person using a rideshare app

Auger & Auger vigorously represents any injury victims hurt in accidents involving rideshare drivers. For over 26 years, we’ve been assisting personal injury clients in North and South Carolina. Whether you were a passenger, an occupant of another car, or a pedestrian, you deserve to have strong legal representation backing your claim.

We represent victims of accidents with companies like:

We help rideshare car accident victims stand up to big gig companies and get their fair chance at the compensation they need. Don’t assume the insurance company is looking out for your best interests — they aren’t! Work with a rideshare accident attorney who can help you determine the optimal legal strategy for seeking the maximum compensation available.

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Who Pays After an Accident in a Uber, Lyft, or Other Rideshare Service?

Determining who is at fault in an accident can be difficult. Ridesharing services can make matters even murkier because commercial insurance policies are only available in certain situations.

To clear up who might be liable, it helps to look at two specific scenarios:

When You’re a Passenger Using the Rideshare Service

If you’re hurt while using Uber or Lyft, the person who pays for your damages depends upon who was at fault.

  • If another vehicle hit you and was at-fault for the accident, then you will seek compensation through that driver’s third-party bodily injury liability (BIL) policy
  • If your rideshare driver was at-fault for the accident, then you will seek compensation through the driver’s available insurance. In most situations, this means you have access to the company’s commercial liability insurance policy, which has up to $1 Million in coverage, depending on the circumstances.

When You’re Hit by a Rideshare Driver

The rideshare driver is liable for all damages resulting from a collision they caused. If the driver is currently transporting a fare or was on their way to pick up a fare, then it’s highly likely that the rideshare company’s commercial insurance policy will apply.

If the driver was currently on a route, or if they did not have the app active, there’s a much smaller chance that commercial insurance will be available.

The fault may also be split between you and others involved in the collision, depending on the scenario. In situations of shared fault, your state may reduce the amount of coverage available according to each party’s portion of fault — or bar recovery action entirely.

What Damages Might Be Available After a Rideshare Accident?

Every rideshare accident case is different, but most share the same broad categories of damages.

Common damages might include:

  • Medical treatment costs, past, and future
  • Out of pocket costs related to treatment or the accident
  • Lost wages and other income losses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium or companionship
  • Funeral & burial expenses in the event of a wrongful death

How Do I Prove Who Was At-Fault After My Rideshare Crash?

Proving fault after a collision usually involves demonstrating negligence. To prove negligence, you have to establish that the driver had a duty of care that they violated, directly leading to an injury and resulting losses, or damages.

Proving a breach in the driver’s duty of care most often comes down to establishing whether they violated any laws or general safety expectations. 

Common reasons a rideshare driver may be found to have breached their duty include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Following too closely
  • Disobeying or ignoring traffic device
  • Aggressive driving
  • Lack of road awareness

Once a breach in the duty of care is demonstrated, the injury victim has to show that that breach directly caused their injury, resulting in damages. They can then work with their rideshare accident attorney to document their damages. Proof of damages most often takes the form of hospital discharge bills, along with documentation from medical professionals that states the injuries were caused by the wreck.

What Do I Do After a Crash With a Rideshare Driver?

  1. Always report the accident, and call for medical transport for any severe injuries.

  2. Remain calm. Do not admit fault or apologize.

  3. Exchange information with the driver.

  4. Take photos of the wreckage and your injuries. Interview any eyewitnesses.

  5. Seek prompt medical attention. Do not refuse an ambulance if EMS suggests transport.

  6. Speak to experienced rideshare accident lawyers near you before you talk to insurers

How Can a Rideshare Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Auger & Auger pledges to do everything it can to help rideshare collision victims recover financially and medically from their accident. We work tirelessly to gather evidence, prove fault, calculate every cent of damages, and fight with insurers that refuse to make a reasonable settlement offer. 

If you have no other options, we will gladly go to court to represent your claim. We have successfully won cases through jury verdict, time, and time again.

Call us now if you’re hurt and need help. Don’t trust insurers — they and the rideshare company will do everything they can to reduce liability as much as possible. Speak with us instead during a free, no-obligation case evaluation when you call (800) 559-5741 or contact us online.

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