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Make motorcycle riding Safetyyour top priority

Whatever wheels you ride, take to the roads knowing you have a motorcycle accident attorney on your side – here to represent your claim when you have had an accident.

The R-I-D-E is the underlying reason motorcyclists love their bikes so much. From street cruises in Charleston’s French Quarter to beautiful open road rides in South Carolina, there’s nothing quite like the freedom from restraint.

man riding a motorcycle on highway with mountains in the background

That said, there’s a lot to be taken into consideration when you own and ride a motorcycle, such as investing in the proper gear to wear for safe rides. Jeans and a sleeveless denim jacket may look cool in the summer, but they aren’t going to protect you if you’re thrown to the pavement.  

Your motorcycle is a finely-tuned piece of machinery which demands extra loving care, and frequent maintenance checks. Essentially, every time you choose to take a cruise you should to check the brakes, lights, fluid level, and tires. After a long winter’s storage, a very thorough inspection is critical to being ready to ride.


Keep in mind that there is nothing between you and the road. Ride to your abilities and listen to warnings and tips from old pros and instructors. The biker community is not a mere moniker, there are potentially good friends, and teachers amongst them, and stories to share within these bands of brothers.

Whether looking for new routes to ride or knowledge to equip yourself with, use this page as a guide to make sure you’re a safe rider every time you get on your motorcycle!
What is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents?

322 People Answered it Correctly

  • Another vehicle not seeing a motorcycle on the road
  • Speeding especially in highway settings
  • Drinking and riding, leading to single-vehicle accidents
  • Slick pavement after or during inclement weather
  • Going into corners too fast and losing control
Motorcycle Accident Statistics
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