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What should I do after a motorcycle accident?

In any kind of vehicle or motorcycle accident, the very first thing you should do if you’re hurt is seek medical attention. That’s number one. Under no circumstances should you give any statements, especially to the insurance company representatives. Once you’re medically stable and able, contact an experienced motorcyclist lawyer who will conduct an investigation and work with you to meet or speak with the insurance company and protect your interests.


What will the insurance company do if I make a claim?

There seems to be a bias against motorcycle riders. I’m not sure why. But a lot of the insurance adjusters seem like they want to hold them at fault, just because they’re riding a motorcycle. Like it’s not the car’s fault they didn’t see them or whatever it may be. But motorcycles have the same right to be on the road as the vehicle and the driver of a car or truck needs to pay attention too. They need to put the cell phone down and make sure when they change a lane or are proceeding that they look first – making sure there’s no one there (whether it’s pedestrian, a bicyclist, a motorcycle rider).

What happens if I witness a motorcycle accident?

 Well, immediately call 911. Stay with the victim until help arrives and report what you saw to law enforcement. If you’re a witness, you’ll probably give a statement to the police and you may be called upon later on by the insurance company or the injured party’s lawyer to relate your version of what happened which would probably help resolve the matter one way or the other.

Usually there are two different versions and when there’s a witness whose account of what happened is in line with one or the other of the parties, the case resolves faster. It’s when you have a dispute and no one knows what happened that they end up going to court a lot of the time.

True, you could be subpoenaed in those cases which go to court. But if you witness it, you should help out and make sure that medical attention is on the way for the injured party, and that’s something everyone should do.

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