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Personal Injury Lawyers – Car, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents, Workers’ Compensation and All Other Serious Injury Claims

About Our Attorneys

Auger & Auger is a premier North Carolina personal injury law firm dedicated to providing statewide high quality, aggressive legal representation to victims of personal injury. The lawyers at Auger & Auger strive for excellence in the service and representation of our clients. We are here to answer any questions you or a loved one may have arising from an accident or injury. We know that each client is unique, and has different wants and needs, and we personalize our services accordingly. We are here to listen and guide you through what can be a confusing and difficult time.

Free Consultation

When you call for your free consultation, you will speak with a lawyer, not a sign up specialist, paralegal or legal assistant. Ask to speak with one of our partners, personal injury attorney Herbert W. Auger, with over 20 years experience as an NC Injury Attorney, or personal injury attorney Arlene P. Auger, with 18 years experience as a NC Accident Lawyer. As an added benefit to our practice, early in her career, Mrs. Auger worked at a law firm representing insurance carriers, giving our firm an insight at the inner workings of some of the major insurance carriers that we deal with on a daily basis.

We Accept Referrals From Other Attorneys

Our reputation for success and outstanding service is acknowledged by our peers, other lawyers who refer many of our clients to us. They trust us to treat their clients’ personal injury needs with respect, while pursuing fair compensation with the utmost care and professionalism. We also work with referring/associating attorneys from North Carolina and other jurisdictions under NC State Bar Rule 1.5. If you are an attorney seeking assistance with a personal injury or wrongful death case, we are ready to help.

No Fee Until Recovery

When you hire Auger and Auger, there are no upfront costs or legal fees. We will advance all costs on your NC accident claim and will only charge a legal fee if we are successful in obtaining a settlement on your behalf. Since 1994, Auger & Auger has provided quality legal representation to plaintiffs in Charlotte and throughout NC in a range of personal injury matters, including:

Car and Auto Accidents:

We handle all aspects of your NC auto accident claim from filing your claim with the insurance company, helping you find qualified doctors, and understanding the insurance policy language and claim process. The auto insurance company’s goal is to pay you as little as possible, and to do this they will try their best to get to you before you have the opportunity to consult with a lawyer. Don’t make that mistake! Call now for your free consultation from an experienced NC Auto Accident Attorney.

Workers’ Compensation Claims:

Often, the first instinct of an injured worker is simply to follow the instructions of their employer regarding their claim for workers’ comp in Charlotte and surrounding areas. This can be a serious mistake! Your employer will likely do what is best for the company, and not necessarily what is best for you. The lawyers at Auger & Auger are experienced in handling all North Carolina and Charlotte workers’ compensation claims and in making sure that you get the benefits that you are legally entitled to under the NC Workers’ Compensation laws. Call now to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Truck Accidents:

With truck accidents, in addition to the claims adjuster from the insurance company, you are now dealing with the trucking companies’ supervisors and investigators who will rush to the scene of the crash, sometimes before the victims have left the scene. They are gathering up evidence to help with their defense and minimize their payout to you down the road. We are experienced in dealing with trucking companies and their experts. Call now to schedule a free consultation from one of our Charlotte, NC truck accident lawyers.

Motorcycle Accidents:

We have successfully represented many motorcycle accident victims in North Carolina. Injuries are often serious and are the result of the negligence of the driver of a car or truck who neglected to yield the right or keep a proper lookout. We will you find medical care and deal with the insurance company. Call now to speak to a NC lawyer experienced in motorcycle accidents and wrecks.

Wrongful Death Claims:

These are the most serious and sensitive types of claims for a lawyer to handle. It is imperative that you hire a firm that has the experience, dedication and knowledge to obtain compensation for the devastating injuries and death of a loved one. We handle Charlotte wrongful death claims and claims for the entire State of NC, regardless of whether your family member died as the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck wreck, or on the job accident.

Animal and Dog Bite Claims:

The attorneys at Auger & Auger have developed a niche in North Carolina in handling Charlotte dog bite and animal attack claims. Our dog bite lawyers will meet with you, explain the laws regarding the dog owner’s liability, deal with animal control while the dog is in quarantine, and get you to a plastic surgeon to evaluate any permanent scarring and injury. The days following an attack are critical in gathering evidence and proving your claim. We have reached settlements in excess of $100,000 for victims of dog bites and other animal attacks in Charlotte and the surrounding counties.

Daycare Accidents:

Our Charlotte injury law firm has also developed a niche in handling daycare accidents and injuries. With the influx of young families to North Carolina and rise in two earner households, the number of children in daycare has risen in Charlotte and NC the last decade. With this increase comes an increase in the number of daycares and injuries that occur whether due to lack of supervision or improper play equipment. These claims can be difficult since the child is often too young to talk or understand what happened. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we will find out “what really happened”. Call now to speak with a Charlotte NC daycare injury lawyer.

Boating Accidents:

Your physical well-being is paramount after a boating accident; as such, victims should seek medical treatment for injuries immediately after a mishap. At the earliest opportunity, a boat accident lawyer should be summoned to preserve evidence and collect eyewitness statements. Inexperienced, reckless or careless boat operators cause dozens of boat accidents in our state annually. If negligence plays a role in any waterway accident, talk to us about paths to pursuing compensation.

Golf Cart Accidents:

Victims who suffer injuries in golf cart accidents typically know the operator, as rollovers or collisions are oftentimes the result of horseplay or alcohol impairment by an acquaintance. Insurance policies are in place to protect victims in these circumstances, and those injured should not be reluctant to pursue a claim just because they know the at-fault party on a personal level. Speak with Auger & Auger about making a claim for compensation after a golf cart accident.

Pedestrian Accidents:

Auto insurance companies will go to great lengths to challenge injury claims by pedestrians hit by cars. Regardless of the pain and suffering—and sometimes, death—endured by victims, insurance carriers are most interested in protecting their finances. As such, it is critical for injury victims and families to entrust their cases to an experienced attorney at Auger & Auger who will take up the fight while clients focus on rehabilitation. Arrange a free consultation now to discuss your legal options.

Call our Charlotte accident and injury lawyer office to speak with one of our NC accident and injury attorneys today. Although our main office is in Charlotte, we have satellite offices statewide. As part of our service, we will come directly to you, wherever you are located! We can be reached at (704) 364-3361, or toll free at (800) 977-7396, or by completing our contact web form. We are here to help you.