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When you have suffered an intentional emotional or bodily injury at the hands of another person — or accidental injury due to the negligence of another person, company or government agency — this is what the law defines as personal injury.

The role of our Auger & Auger Myrtle Beach accident and injury lawyer is to investigate the circumstances, determine the best route for pursuing your claim, and then follow through to the end.

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Case

Once the decision is mutually made to proceed, our Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney files a claim against the culpable defendant. Generally, these cases will be negotiated successfully with an agreed-upon settlement.

If the concluding negotiations do not result in a satisfactory settlement, arbitration or mediation are the next options before taking a case to court:

Arbitration is binding, allowing parties to present testimony and evidence to an arbitrator (who may be selected by the parties) in a less formal setting. Certain disputes call for compulsory arbitration. Legal representation is advisable as this process is inherently adversarial.

Mediation is an informal yet confidential procedure which allows negotiation amongst the parties, with the guidance of a neutral third party. The decision is non-binding, unless a consent order is drawn and approved by a judge, and cannot otherwise be imposed. If a dispute still remains, we will go the next mile and take your case to court.

In court, the evidence will be heard by a judge (and jury, if requested) who will then rule on the lawsuit. If in favor of the plaintiff, an appropriate award will be set for the incurred damages. When the court rules for the defendant, we can file a motion to appeal, which would be reviewed by the appellate court. It is now in their hands to uphold the decision, ask for an argument, or to overturn the judgment altogether and require a new trial.

South Carolina Rights to Live By

The governing document for our state is the South Carolina Constitution, which became effective on December 4, 1895. It begins with Article I, the Declaration of Rights, clearly defining the rights of the citizens of this state. One of several sections addressing crimes, trials, etc. is SECTION 24 — the Victims’ Bill of Rights.

In Myrtle Beach, as in the rest of South Carolina, your rights are vigorously protected by law. However, it is up to you (and the attorney you select) to make a compelling case which entitles you to fair compensation. Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers exclusively represents the victims of personal injury and we will never hesitate to take on high profile defendants and the big insurance companies.

When your case involves the fatality of a victim, the surviving family members may be eligible for wrongful death compensation. The loss of a spouse may additionally entitle you to remuneration for the loss of companionship. If you are wounded by the attack of a dog which you have not provoked, the owner is accountable — even if the event was the animal’s first incident. South Carolina calls this the ‘first bite’ rule, which varies from state to state as they choose to adopt it, or not.

The Victim’s Bill of Rights lays out the basic guidelines to hold fast in South Carolina; that citizens, proprietors, and agencies of the government owe each other thoughtful courtesy and respect. For example, drivers must be diligent by obeying safety laws and making a conscious effort to show regard for others with whom they share the roadways.

How Can Auger & Auger Be of Help?

With Auger & Auger, you have representation which rises to the challenge of each and every case — with a persistent dedication to the best possible outcome!

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