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Don’t Get Bit This Holiday Season

There’s a popular meme that occasionally makes its way around Facebook that goes something like this: I’m the type of person that makes friends with all of the dogs at a party. If this sounds like you, read on. While you may love all animals, not all animals love you. It’s important to remind ourselves that we need to be careful around pets we aren’t familiar with this holiday season as we visit the homes of friends and relatives.

But I’m a Dog Person

No matter where you go, you are the first person surrounded by the dogs. You can reach down and pet any animal without worry. That may be true … until it isn’t. Never assume that because you are a “dog person” that you can reach out and touch any dog you please. Always ask the owner if their dog will welcome a friendly pat.

Holidays are Stressful

The holidays can be stressful for dogs. Creatures of habit, dogs get anxious when their routines are changed. Meeting a dog this time of year can be different than meeting them on a Saturday in the middle of June. Don’t assume that a dog is in the right state of mind to interact safely with strangers.

Anxious Dogs Can Lash Out

When a dog is stressed, anxious or even sick, it can behave in ways that it normally wouldn’t. Keep this in mind, even with your own dogs. A frightened or stressed out dog is more likely to bite than a confident one. If a dog looks like it would rather be anywhere but in the room with you, leave it alone.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Don’t reach into a dog crate to pet a dog. Don’t wake a dog up from a nap simply to pet it. Leave dogs that are eating alone. A startled dog can bite quickly. If a dog has moved away from the party to find a bit of private space, let it go.

You don’t want to deal with a dog bite this holiday season. In the unfortunate event that you are bitten, contact our offices. Our personal injury attorneys will review your case and tell you if you may have the right to compensation. Call us now.

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