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Auger & Auger handled my auto accident case. They provided very professional care and gave me excellent service. They were always just a phone call away. Being in a car accident is such a headache but Auger & Auger make it much easier because they handle everything. I would definitely recommend them and will use them again if needed. - D. Foster
I could not be happier with the service I received from Auger and Auger. They handled my case quickly and efficiently without my having to be put out in any way. I provided them with the information they required and checked in with a progress report of my recovery every two weeks. That is it! I was able to focus on getting well while Mr. Auger and his wife handled the rest. I would highly recommend turning to Auger and Auger for assistance in your time of need. - Chris R.
Herb Auger did an amazing job! He handled two auto accidents that I was in and each time he was efficient. He ensured that I was informed on everything happening and was thorough in explanations. Anytime I called the office and he was unavailable, he returned my calls promptly. Literally, he left me without any worries or concerns with each accident. I honestly believe that he handed both cases at his professional best. - C. Donaldson
Auger & Auger came highly recommended to us once we were involved in an accident at no fault of our own. They were committed to helping us get what was fairly owed to us making sure no corners were cut in their thorough process. Their team was excellent and really made it a personal goal to get to know their clients as the process went along. They are very committed and want to help their clients get the best settlement and fair judgments. I would highly recommend Herbert Auger and his team! - Emmanuel A.
I had an auto accident, through no fault of my own, and attorney Auger represented me. He, or his staff, was always available when I had a question, and they checked in with me on several occasions regarding my status. Attorney Auger went over NC laws as they applied to my case, and everything I should expect. I definitely appreciate his service and would use him again. - Genny H.
Mr. Auger and his team did an excellent job at handling our accident case involving myself, husband, an daughter. - T. Arrington
Mr. Auger and his staff were not only extremely caring, but they fought hard to get me the award that they did on my case. I wholeheartedly recommend Auger & Auger to anyone if you need the very best for attorneys - J.P.
It has been 1 ½ years since our case was closed. We are still very grateful to you for all the hard work you did for us. Your law firm represents dedication, hard work, and interest in its clients. Because of the outcome, we were able to get back on our feet financially after year that Chad was out of work due to his work injury. Thanks again for making that possible. - Chad and Susan H.
Dear Herb & Arlene:
John and I have been thinking of you. We wanted to thank both of your for all of your efforts to help Jonathan. We’re very glad that the whole situation has been brought to closure for our Jonathan. Thank you for helping to make his future financially secure. - John & Denise G.
I was in a very serious automobile accident a few years ago. It was a very turbulent time for me and my family. The mounting medical bills from multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy were almost suffocating. Thankfully, we were referred to Auger & Auger who guided us through this difficult process. - Jonathan G
Just want to say thanks for the professional and timely representation you provided for my case. Your firm prepared the intricate details that clearly explained the multitude of injuries I sustained during my accident, and in turn, showed the mediation team, insurance defense reps and their respective attorneys that my case was strong and compensable. Through the entire ordeal, you gave me the legal, personal, and friendly support and guidance that I needed to journey through the legal system. You were not only my attorney, but became a very good friend. I would recommend Auger and Auger Law to any person who sustains a personal injury. Thanks again for all the help with my case! The best of luck to you and your professional and friendly team at Auger and Auger Law. - P.A.
Thank you for everything. God Bless you and your family. - Marek W.
One of the reasons we have had such a blessed year is because of your hard work on our case. - S.H
Mr. Auger,
Thank you so much for helping us during the year and a half of Charles recovery. We could not have handled it without you. - Charles & Kay S.


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The list of prior client settlement results and client reviews/testimonials, do not constitute a promise of any particular result in any particular case, as each and every case is unique. Each case was handled on its own merit, and the outcome of any case cannot be predicted by a lawyer or law firms past results.

If a recovery or settlement by trial is made, the client will be responsible for costs advanced in addition to attorney fees. Client remains responsible for costs, expenses and disbursements, including medical bills, within the scope of representation. The attorney’s contingency percentage will be computed prior to the deduction of expenses from the total recovery.

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