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Even Your Own Dog Will Bite

5876554199_4d07253843_zDog Bite Prevention Week begins Sunday, May 17, 2015. Originating with the AVMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, the idea of the week is to teach people how to avoid dog bites and what to do if one should occur.

Many people mistakenly think that their family pet will not bite. The truth is this: any dog with teeth can and will bite. Even the family pet. Knowing how to live with, supervise, and react to your dog can help minimize the chances of a bite.

With children. If you have a mixture of dogs and children in your home, you need to teach your kids to respect the animal. Even the most patient and tolerant dogs need a bit of alone time now and then. Teach your children not to bother the dog when it is eating, sleeping, or clearly trying to be alone.

With strangers. Do not force your dog to interact with strangers if it doesn’t seem comfortable doing so. A dog that is shy or fearful around people it doesn’t know is more likely to bite than one that is comfortable with new people. You can aid this by socializing your puppy from a young age. If you adopt an adult dog, slowly and regularly introducing it to new situations is far safer than bombarding it with the unfamiliar.

With adults. Even adults in the family can lack basic knowledge of dog body language and behavior. This can be dangerous. Dogs that are ill, injured, or simply want to be left alone, can lash out. Do yourself a favor and read a book about canine body language. Watch a few videos on dog behavior. The more you understand about your animal, the less likely you are to get bit.

Your dog is part of your family, and each member of your family should be comfortable around your pet. By learning how to read dogs, teaching your children to respect animals, and not putting your dog in situations that make it fearful, you can help to prevent a bad situation from occurring in your home.

If you or a loved one are bitten by a dog that is not your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Our team is here to help you. We will review the facts of your case and advise you as to the best steps moving forward. Call us today to begin the process of compensation.

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