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Mom Bites Dog’s Ear Off to Save Daughter’s Life

Most parents say that they would do anything to protect their children, and Chelsi Camp did just that when she saved her two-year-old daughter Mackenzi.  Camp was dog sitting for her boyfriend’s pit bull when the normally friendly pit bull suddenly attacked.

Camp believes the dog became aggressive after smelling Camp’s own dog on Mackenzie.  As the dog sniffed Mackenzie, it attacked, biting her all over her body, especially in the head and face.  In an attempt to save her daughter, Chelsi shoved her fist into the mouth of the dog in an attempt to release the dog’s grip of her daughter. Unfortunately, to release the bite of a pit bull would require 235 pounds of force, so Chelsi did went to an extreme: she bit the dog’s ear off.

The dog then began attacking Chelsi, biting at her arms while she dialed 911. When the police arrived, they shot, but didn’t kill the dog, which was later euthanized.

In the time between the attack and when the ambulance arrived, Camp instructed Mackenzie to lay face down as the bleeding on her face was so profuse that she ran the risk of choking on her own blood.

Vicious attacks such as these make us question how safe our children really are around dogs and what we should to avoid such attacks.

It is important to remember that dogs are animals, and as animals, are unpredictable.  Even the family pet can behave erratically.  Children should never be allowed to have their face or hands anywhere near a dog’s mouth.   It is not uncommon for a dog to become aggressive when guarding their food, their babies, and their territory.

Unfortunately, children are more likely to be bit than adults.  According to, boys aged 5-9 are five times more likely to be attacked by dogs than any other people. Studies show that the high pitched noises and energetic actions of children can simulate both the playful behavior of young dogs and of that of an attacking dog. When dogs play with each other, they bite, and when they think that another animal is trying to take their food, shelter, or attack them, they fiercely defend themselves.

Victims of dog attacks should contact an attorney and learn their right to recover damages for injuries caused by a dog attacks.

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