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Sharing the Water Safely

scuba diver teaching water safetyIt is a very rare afternoon that you take your boat out and are all alone on the water. If you do not know how to share the water with others safely, you are putting yourself, your passengers, and everyone on the water at risk. Follow these tips to share the water safely with other boaters out enjoying a beautiful day.

When you are approached by a non-motorized vessel, it is your job, as the operator of a boat with a motor, to yield the right of way. When you see a canoe, sailboat, rowboat, kayak, or even a surfboard you should slow down, get out of the way if you can, and let them pass.

Wave surfing and rafting behind a boat are exhilarating ways to spend time on the water. Because you are driving the boat, you won’t be able to pay attention to the person you are pulling. Anyone towing someone behind their boat must have an observer aboard the boat keeping an eye on the person being towed at all times.

When you see another motorized vessel approaching, keep an eye open. If you are going to cross paths, as two cars would at an intersection, the vessel to the right has the go-ahead. Slow it down, let the vessel cross in front of you, and go about your way.

What happens when a vessel is approaching you head on? Interestingly, neither of you have the right away. Each of you should steer to the right and pass each other with a safe distance between your boats.

Keep in mind that there will be swimmers, surfers, and other people enjoying the water. You should keep a minimum distance of 150 feet between your boat and anyone else in the water for maximum safety. If you see someone getting a bit too close to you, be responsible and move away.

If everyone followed these safety tips, we would have very little trouble on our waters. If you follow these safety tips, you are more likely to enjoy your day. Stay safe out there!

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