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Charleston Construction Accident Attorney

Accidents on construction sites are more common than you would think. There are many companies on the job on any given day, from electricians and carpenters to tile workers, utility services, and big equipment operators. Each crew is performing a different function for a particular subcontractor, who formally reports to and is under contract with the General Contractor (whose license is ultimately at stake).   

Bottom line is that it can get very complicated – but with Auger & Auger’s team you get the advantage of our 50 years of combined experience as a Charleston construction accident attorney practice.

If you or a co-worker has been injured on the job you most likely have a workers’ compensation claim which is the exclusive remedy when injured on the job through your own fault, a co-employee or your employer. However, you may also have a “third party claim” if you were injured through the fault or negligence of another person, company or party that is not part of your company. This is quite common on construction sites with all the different subcontractors working in close proximity to each other at once.

It’s Time to Determine Responsibility

The last thing any company wants to deal with on a liability claim is negligence, so for the most part, great attention is paid to making sure the site condition is maintained. That said, there’s plenty more to deal with, from mechanical big equipment malfunctions, and falls from upper floors to the strict regimen of OSHA requirements and supervision of all the workers on site. A superintendent cannot be in all places at all times, and mistakes can happen in an instant which causes permanent disability or fatality.

Investigations may include verifying everything from building licenses and permits to certifications of specific employees working at the property. Documentation is key and should be performed as quickly as possible, even it is a workers’ compensation case, but especially for a 3rd party case. This may involve interviewing witnesses to the injury, taking photographs of the scene, recording weather conditions and work environment, certifying worker qualifications for the job undertaken, the proximity of supervisor, etc.

Staying Safe at Your Charleston Construction Job

The following are areas of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards in construction:

Fall Protection – Become familiar with any fall hazards at your job site, and inspect your personal fall arrest systems before wearing.

Scaffolds – Never work on surfaces with ice, mud or water. Do not stand on boxes or ladders on a scaffold to increase your working height.

Ladders – Keep 3 points of contact going up or down the ladder; both feet and one hand. The ladder should be long enough to lean at a stable angle and extend 3’ above the work surface.

Hazardous Materials – Read and incorporate the cautionary details for any chemicals being used on site.

Equipment Use – Do not operate any equipment for which you have not been officially trained to use safely.

Hard Hats – These are required whenever there is the possibility of being hit in the head; from above, the side, or the back. Additional injuries can come from electrical hazards, swinging tools, equipment movement, etc.

Charleston Construction Accident Attorney

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There’s No Doubt about This Choice

Here at Auger & Auger, we understand the financial pressures that a work injury can put on you, as well as your family. Accordingly, we offer you a free consultation with a construction accident attorney, not an assistant or paralegal. And we don’t hesitate to take your case without a retainer; in fact, we offer a Zero-Fee Guaranty and you don’t pay a legal fee unless when win your case.

You have enough to worry about, what with medical appointments, healing, stress over job loss and how soon you’ll be able to work again. Let us handle your case so you can stay informed without doing all the work.

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