Columbia Verdicts And Settlements

Success Record*

The following is a partial list of results we have achieved for our clients.

Medical Malpractice

*Confidential Settlement. Case settled during litigation.

$1,575,000 Recovered
Lyft Driver/U-Haul Truck

Client sustained multiple injuries requiring surgery when Lyft vehicle rear-ended by a U-Haul truck. Client’s recovery was part of a 1.4m *global policy limits settlement involving wrongful death and traumatic injuries to multiple parties.

$1,400,000 Recovered
Cyclist/Car Collision

Cyclist was struck by a vehicle that blew through a traffic stop. Client sustained life threatening injuries to the brain and spine and has fully recovered from his injuries.

$1,400,000 Recovered

Client struck by tractor-trailer that swerved off the roadway. Dashcam and other evidence discovered by our firm during litigation led to a significant settlement on the eve of trial.

$1,250,000 Recovered

Client sustained multiple injuries when while riding his motorcycle when a tractor-trailer made a sudden left turn into his lane of travel. Case was resolved without the filing of a lawsuit.

$1,000,000 Recovered
Pedestrian-Hit in Crosswalk

Senior citizen was killed when struck by a car while in a crosswalk. Investigation led to video coverage from adject business that placed driver at fault. Firm located 4 insurance policies totaling $1,000,000 in coverage that was paid to the victim’s family without the filing of legal action.

$1,000,000 Recovered
18-Wheeler/Car Collision

Passenger in car received multiple injuries requiring surgical intervention when a tractor-trailer failed to reduce speed and rear-ended the stopped car at a speed of 55mph.

$1,000,000 Recovered
Semi-Truck/Car Wreck

Driver of car was ejected and sustained life-threatening injuries when rear-ended by an 18-wheeler that failed to reduce speed.

$1,000,000 Recovered

Tractor-trailer travelling at a high rate of speed veered out of the right lane and onto the shoulder striking a pedestrian who was standing outside of a disabled vehicle.

$750,000 Recovered
Car Accident-Improper Turn

Client sustained multiple orthopedic injuries requiring lower right leg surgery when the at-fault driver failed to yield the right of way and made a sudden left turn in front of our client’s vehicle.

$500,000 Recovered
Passenger in Taxi

Client injured while passenger in a taxi that struck a telephone pole when cut-of by another taxi that had made an improper turn. Dashcams and City traffic cameras helped us locate that hit and run taxi driver.

$500,000 Recovered

Good samaritan stuck by van while helping change tire for stranded driver.

$495,000 Recovered
Car Accident-Stop Sign

Passenger in her son's car received life threatening injuries when another driver failed to stop at a stop sign causing a head on collision.

$400,000 Recovered
Car Accident-Failure to Yield

Client received multiple fractures to her hands requiring surgical intervention.

$325,000 Recovered
Lawnmower Injury

Child sustained permanent and serious injury when struck by a riding lawnmower operated by a family member. Case was settled during litigation for the *policy limits.

$300,000 Recovered

Carwash attendee was drying a car when a customer drove forward striking and pinning the attendee between 2 vehicles. Surgery was required to repair lower right leg injury. Adverse charged with reckless driving.

$300,000 Recovered

Minor injured when friend grabbed him from behind in a chokehold. Victim lost concsiousness and was dropped to the ground fracturing their jaw which required surgery with internal fixation of hardware.

$300,000 Recovered
18-Wheeler/Car Collision

Minor sustained facial lacerations requiring plastic surgery when the vehicle she was travelling in made an illegal right turn from the left lane of travel into a tractor-trailer that was operating in the right lane. Case settled without litigation for policy limits.

$250,000 Recovered
Car Accident-Lane Change

Client sustained permanent arm injury when adverse driver made illegal lane change into client's vehicle it off of the roadway and overturn. Case settled pre-litgation for policy limits.

$250,000 Recovered

Tractor-trailer rear-ended client's vehicle. Truck driver charged with careless driving and failure to reduce speed. Victim required surgery to repair left arm orthopedic injury.

$220,000 Recovered

*This list does not constitute a promise or guarantee of any particular result in any particular case. Each case was handled and resolved on its own merit, and the outcome of any particular case cannot be predicted by a lawyer's or law firm's past results. Unless otherwise specified, each of the above matters was contested on liability and/or damages, the opposing parties were represented, the matters involved complex legal and/or factual issues, and the law firm was successful in collecting the amounts stated.

Whether by settlement or jury verdict, the attorneys at the North Carolina law firm of Auger & Auger have worked vigorously to help our clients obtain the monetary compensation that they deserve for their injuries and losses. We are proud of our proven record in representing clients in a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, wrongful death, workers' compensation, auto, truck and motorcycle claims, animal attacks, day care accidents, assault and battery claims and construction site accidents. With over 50 years combined legal experience, we have handled and resolved thousands of cases.