Gastonia Police Accident Reports

For obtaining a report online, in person, or by mail

Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers has helped many of those injured in car accidents in Gastonia. If you need assistance obtaining a copy of your Gastonia accident report, please call 828-222-7649. Reports are only provided to individuals directly involved in an accident. We do not provide reports to third parties such as attorneys, or insurance carriers.

Accident reports contain the necessary information you may need after you experience a collision. A crash report gives you a clearer picture of what exactly happened, what each driver communicated to the authorities, estimated property damages, and important contact information for any witnesses who saw what happened.

The Police Officer’s Codes Determining Fault

Easy-to-miss codes run vertically along the side of the report that play an important part in fault determination. These codes are used by Gastonia Police Department to determine which party is at fault for the collision.

Insurance carriers also review these codes to determine liability. We can help you locate this information when you call in to our office. We can provide a free consultation and go over your report with you, giving you valuable advice that will aid in pursuing your claim.

Finding the Report Online

Gastonia Police Department has an online tool which retrieves your report. The criteria you would need to find this report include the following (the more information the better):

  • First/Last Name
  • Date range of the accident
  • Street name of the location of the accident
  • Insurance policy number
  • City Name

The website to find your report is: City of Gastonia.

Get Your Report In Person

Incident report information is available at the front desk of the Gastonia Police Headquarters, located at 200 East Long Avenue, Gastonia, NC 28053-1748.

Request By Telephone

If for some reason you cannot locate your accident report online, you can call the front desk at (704) 866-6702. Having any of the information listed above available upon calling may guarantee a speedy search and retrieval.

Free Consultation and Accident Report

Touting over 20 years of legal experience, the attorneys at Auger & Auger will review your Gastonia accident report during your free phone consultation to determine if we can help. We can walk you through the ins and outs of your report should you be overwhelmed about what it contains.

Our Gastonia car accident attorneys can pull your accident report using the above criteria quickly, and they will give you an easy breakdown of the report’s contents. Give us a call today if you’ve been injured in a collision involving a vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian, or tractor-trailer in Gastonia, NC.