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Giving Back

The Auger Law Firm is very committed to helping others in the Greater Charlotte community, as well as many larger national non-profit organizations. Our consistent success and dedication to serving our clients and our community allows us to make substantial charitable donations and assist in a variety of fundraising on a regular basis. Here are some local community organizations we partner with:


A&A Disability Scholarship

Auger & Auger has donated over $30,000 for the Auger & Auger Disability Scholarship fund since the inception of the scholarship back in 2015.

We believe it is important for our firm to give back to the community that we are a part of and that has given us the opportunity to help so many injured victims during their time of need.

This scholarship aims to recognize those families who have overcome the aftermath of serious injuries and disabling impairments. As their partners through this trying process, we hear and see firsthand the unique challenges that disabled men and women face; we also have the pleasure to hear and see the strength and perseverance that each of them exhibits, which is necessary in overcoming obstacles and expectations in order to succeed – time and again.


Carolina P.A.W.S.

Carolina P.A.W.S. is a non-profit organization comprised of a network of compassionate Carolinians, all of whom are volunteers. They are devoted to helping abandoned and abused cats and dogs throughout the greater Charlotte area find forever homes. CPAWS does not have a facility and relies entirely on volunteer foster parents to care for an animal until we are able to find a pet their forever home.

Auger & Auger Law has been a big proponent of helping to get these animals the care they deserve by donating over $5,000 in donations and helping several dogs be adopted through the 15+ hours their employees have donated to help P.A.W.S.

Dream on 3


Dream on 3, along with help from Auger & Auger and others nationwide, brings sports dreams to life for children by creating personal experiences with their favorite athletes, sporting event, or sports team.

Dream On 3’s vision is to unite communities in promoting the dreams of our children. In that spirit, we partner with them, treating physicians and social workers to help identify candidates for a Dream Experience.

Beers and Burpees

Beers and Burpees is a charity event that works in conjunction with Dream on 3 – Auger & Auger donates $1,000 and participates in annually.

The Annual Beers and Burpees Charity Event presented by Flexogenix is held in Charlotte. Over 25 local gyms (including CrossFit gyms, Orangetheory, Boot Camps and more) partner to host the event where the Charlotte Fitness Community and over 1,000 people come together to workout, drink beer and raise money for the Dream on 3 Charity organization.

Register for next years event here:


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