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Greenville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Our Greenville motorcycle accident attorney knows that South Carolina is second only to Mississippi when it comes to fatality rates in motorcycle accidents. This speaks to the open green land so popular in our state, but in the end, it comes down to everyone being equally diligent while sharing the road with others.  

Greenville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Share the Road – Share the Responsibility

Auger & Auger’s Greenville motorcycle accident attorney has seen driver inattention cause injury to unsuspecting motorcyclists time and time again. A rider can do everything in their power to stay safe, but if the operator of a car or truck isn’t accepting their own role of accountability, disaster can ensue.

Here are a few steps every vehicle driver should take to help decrease the number of collisions with motorcycles across South Carolina, and the rest of the country.  

  1. Stay aware and keep a lookout for 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles. A motorcycle is difficult to see when it is in your blind spot. Take a second to look over your shoulder every time you change lanes or turn.
  2. Realize that a motorcycle may be much closer than it appears. If you are going to turn in front of or near a rider, make certain that you really do have enough room to navigate your turn safely for everyone.
  3. Allow for a greater distance between your vehicle and a motorcycle than you would between yourself and another passenger vehicle. This extra room will give both of you the time to react to a hazardous situation.
  4. Unlike your car, the turn signals on a motorcycle may not turn off automatically once the turn is complete. Don’t assume that the rider will be going in the direction of the signal, especially if you’ve noticed that it has been activated for quite some time.

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