Rock Hill Dog Bite Lawyer

When you are suddenly approached by a snarling canine, it’s a terrifying feeling. Whether the owner is present, or not, the dog has made it his business to get closer – no doubt because he suspects you are a threat. Unless you are the one whose commands he is familiar with, he is going to respond to your body language with his own, because that is his instinct.

Just as humans can easily read a subtle gesture – rolling of the eyes, raising an eyebrow, folding the arms – dogs can speak volumes with their movements. Our Rock Hill dog bite attorneys at Auger & Auger Accident and Injury Lawyers understand that these signals are often missed by victims, so we want to share some pointers which can help, should you find yourself in this situation.


Canine Body Language You Should Know

What you may not realize is that prior to an attack a dog will give warning signals of his own. If you and your family can learn to recognize these responses, you may be able to react in a way that can convince the canine to stand down.  

Some or all of the following aggressive body language may be exhibited before a dog tries to bite or attack you:

  • The tail is straight up and may quiver
  • Eyes are wide and staring  
  • Forehead may show vertical wrinkles
  • Nose is wrinkled
  • Lips are lifted to bare their teeth
  • The hair on the back is raised
  • Ears flat back against the head
  • Stiffening of the entire body (like a statue)

So, how should you react to communicate that you are not a threat to the dog or its owner or property?

  • Stay quiet and remain as calm as possible
  • Do not approach the dog or its owner
  • Keep your arms relaxed at your side
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the dog
  • Do not turn your back on them
  • Slowly turn your body to the side
  • Slowly walk away, do not run

First Bites are Not Free in Rock Hill, SC

Unlike many other states that give a one-bite grace to the owner of a dog the first time around. If the dog repeats the behavior, however, its owner will be held accountable to the victim for injuries and damages, and the animal may be euthanized.

Conversely, South Carolina follows the strict liability rule defined in Section 47-3-110. This means the dog owner is automatically responsible if their dog attacks anyone, regardless of whether their past behavior has been exemplary. The one exception occurs in cases where the victim intimidated or provoked the dog, or illegally entered the premises where the dog was kept.

We Fight the Good Fight for Victims

There’s no doubt that a dog bite or attack is a highly emotional experience. If the dog owner is a friend or neighbor, it can make the situation even more overwhelming. As an experienced Rock Hill dog bite attorney firm, Auger & Auger can not only empathize with your predicament but can be your advocate and make certain you have been compensated appropriately.

We are here to protect your rights and focus on your healing and the financial impositions resulting from the attack. Our promise to you is a zero-fee guarantee; if we don’t win the case, you don’t owe us a fee.

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